Never thought I’d actually have a use for this pic…

But yes, After a rather random encounter, I have been graciously been given Free hosting on the relatively new Kokido Kombine by it’s gracious webhost, 7.
So this is goodbye to

The new blog should be pretty much functional now and I’ve kept the layout so far so it should look all familiar to the regular readers. No doubt, since I am now free from the restrictions of wordpress, I’ll be experimenting with the layout at a later date but for now, I will need to ask everyone who visits to go to the new URL and if you are linked to my blog and/or use the RSS feed, please update the address. It is now:

I will be posting on the new one from now on but the original will still be around and the posts and comments have been migrated already. I’ll be updating the RSS feeds which I know of shortly.
Not much else to say but “see you on the other side!”


The problem with sticking to a mostly 1-post-per-week format, primarily to try and ensure a fairly regular update pattern, is that one can easily end up with a considerable backlist of figures which are “forgotten” in the sense that they don’t get a chance to go on the blog.

This can be OK if the figure is a mass produced PVC figure and many others in the blogsphere have taken up the cause but what if it isn’t? what if it’s something very few people seem to have or isn’t shown often and it deserves a place in the sun?
Case in point…

This little number is Asuka Langly Soryu riding a race bike (which my friend believes is based off a ducati model, for any bike fans out there) and is a resin kit which was sculpted many moons ago by vispo.

Now, aside from the obvious links of the post title to the model, one could also link the band (AC*DC for those who don’t know) to the sculptor as recently, vispo has also been turning into a bit of a “one trick pony” (back in black, anyone?) but I digress.

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Is it that time already? Well, since I’m away from all my major systems for a while I actually have the time to sit down and do one of these roundups, otherwise I would be hitting valkyria chronicles like crack in preparation for the DLC which is released very soon!!
But I should spend a little time reflecting on what was an interesting season with no great shows but quite a few entertaining ones. And I’ll be posting what I’ll be watching this season too!

Best show: Rideback

Now, first of all, I should come out and say it, Rideback was not a particularly great show, esp in terms of story. Plus, the mecha were, as a friend so eloquently put, are just  suped up Segways!!!!
The story had similar problems to Bounen no Xam’d. It was a story which was heavily dependent on understanding not only the characters but the world they live in and the political landscape. This part was stripped out at first and gradually introduced but in the end, they weren’t able to explain enough in the 13 ep limit which left the show feeling rather hollow. It’s not as bad as Xam’d but things like how much power the GGP actually had over the local government, how they were so easily able to hide and suppress uprisings with ridiculouly excessive force and get away with it and what the main goals of the BMA were (do you honestly think such a well equipped force would be doing it solely for 1 guys thrist for revenge?)

Other things were also just thrown on the sidelines, like Kenji, Rins brother. I’ve read the 1st volume of the manga and I found that the manga tried to feed you too much info at once. With the anime, they feed you too little.
Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the show considerably. Only Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo was as entertaining (if not more so) but it’s only half way complete and there’s plenty of time for it to fumble…

Runners up: Sora Kake Girl, Chrome shelled Regios

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And, truth be told, one was completely expected. But the past week has been pretty good for my model collection (and not so good for my “to do” pile).
The end of last week saw the delivery of my Limited edition TriggerHeart Exelica Enhanced for the PS2, so you know what that means…

Nendoroid Exelica!!!!
The other thing was a complete surprise. A while back (over a month ago) I ordered a macross item from Hobbylink japan as they were doing a special offer of giving away free decals so I took the plunge. Normally, it takes 1~2 weeks to arrive in the UK so when twice the amount of time elapsed, I had pretty much given up hope and assumed that the useless morons at royal mail lost it in transit. Turns out I was wrong (luckily) and the useless morons at royal mail were just sitting on it for ages while trying to work out the customs charge. But it’s here now, My VF25 Alto Custom with SHERYL DECALS!!!

Yes, I know that they are doing a second promotion now with ranka decals, but I would never dirty my VF25 model with Ranka Decals. Sheryl, the Galaxy Songstress all the way!!!!

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And now back to our regularly scheduled posts.

After a flurry of games reviews, it’s time to get back to what this blog was initially set up for, the Model kits!! And it’s not like I’ve been lazy while playing hours of Streetfighter 4 and Resi 5. Some of you may remember my little purchase of Mirei san, from back in January.

And you may also remember that I was considering modifying the poor thing to give it some legs. Well, I’ve made a bit of a start…

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Actually, not technically true, I was one of the 10 runners up for the Giveaway competition at The competition was to show off our rooms and see who had the most Otaku room.

The eventual winner was LightningSabre and I have to say that it was a deserved win for he went to places I would not DARE!!!! Not that I couldn’t. If I unloaded all my mangas, which are currently stored away in very large boxes, I might even be able to exceed that mighty room, but then I wouldn’t be able to move… No, I think everything is fine the way it is!
My entry was just an updated version of the pics I uploaded to celebrate my blogs 1st birthday.

Due to the rather sudden entry (and the fact I used the competition as an excuse to clean up my room) not everything which was seen in the original post is still on display. Notably, my DX aquarion has gone walkies, as have many of my still packaged figures such as my Bome TenTen figures. but this is what is currently on display now.
Danny pretty much nailed it when he described my room as a having a workshop feel because that’s pretty much what this area is. Plonk my wireless keyboard elsewhere, put my spraybox on the desk (and adjust for ventilation) and my workshop where I build all my gunpla and resin kits is complete! It also triples as the area where I take my pics for my blog (using the large box with white interior you see above the TV)
This is, as they say, where the “magic” happens!

Larger closeup shots are available after the jump. I’ll refrain from putting any detailed entries in as I intend to show my works/purchases of the past year for the blogs 2nd birthday (which is only 2 months away!) Check out the post on Dannychoo for the other entries.

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As well as producing the exceptionally desirable (at least for me) perfect change dangaioh, Studio halfeye have also been releasing other mecha figures with obscene pricetags. Their first one was the perfect change Getter Robo and, more recently, they have been working on the 3 main Mecha from the Remake series Gaiking: Legend of Daikyu Maryu.

The show was a remake of the old 70s super robot show (which I loved) but kept nothing except for the design of Gaiking and Daikyu Maryu.

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She’s finally finished. The last bits were only really minor (just a few really small detailing and panel lines) but I didn’t want to do a photoshoot until everything was complete. But here it is. After over a year since I actually purchased it, here’s ALTEISEN!!!

This one is the 1/100 scale model kit of the original Alt, not the upgraded riese (which is pretty much unmakable anyway) from Kotobukiya. At present, I believe there are only 3 1/100 kits in the SRW line. Alt, R-1 and Wildwurger.

While building the kit, it quickly becomes apparent that Kotobukiya still have a way to go before matching the kings of this type of model kit, bandai.
The jump to 1/100 scale did solve a few issues which I had hangups on with the 1/144 kits I have built but for the most part, the strengths of the 1/144 kits show up in the 1/100 Alt, but also a lot of the problems…

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This will be the last one for a while, Honest (unless Madworld turns out to be super amazing. Poor thing, a game for the wii “gamers” and not selling well at all. Then there’s the attack from some old fogey group who lamented it’s release as showing that nintendo are abandoning their “family machine” status…)

But this post isn’t to talk about Madworld and the idiocy of the wii users, it’s about Resident evil 5!!!

Now, I’ve been a pretty big fan of the resident evil series, having owned (and completed several times over) every version of the main franchise. From the original PS1 game, to Code veronica on the dreamcast to resi 4 for the Gamecube (as well as PS2 and Wii) I’ve enjoyed each on to varying degrees but I like to think I have a reasonably good idea on what to expect from a resi game.

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It seems that I’m spurred on to build my outstanding mecha kits whenever I’m about to receive a new one. Destiny was built because Infinite justice arrived (and I still need to build one) and now, as I await the arrival of my VF-25 Alto Custom with Sheryl Nome decals, I have started work on the 1/100 Alteisen from super robot wars impact/OG

In days past I used to be able to rattle a mecha kit out in the space of one evening. Looks like those days are over. I’ve had quite a lot going on recently and my free time has diminished to the point where, in 2 whole weeks, I’m only able to do this much!!!

I’m in the final stretch now, but it is a little galling to see how long it has taken me to get this far, esp since I still have the detailing to do after this!!

I’ll keep this post short as I think it would be best to leave my final thoughts until after it’s completed, but I will say this much, Kotobukiya still have problems with the design stage and Bandai are still Kings of Plamo.

It’s just lots of little things, like how the fit of some parts are too loose or far too tight. The legs especially, gave me lots of varying problems and are also very stiff around the parts which are meant to bend. In fact, one part holding the feet actually broke off. I had to do an impromptu repair job with a metal rod and poly cement glue.
Next week, I think I’ll write up my thoughts on resident evil 5 (I finished it on co-op late last night) but by then I hope to finish Alteisen and get back to work on Mirei-san (yes, she’s progressing, albeit very slowly).



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