Guess I should write some words of welcome *ahem*

Welcome to my blog. This blog will be predominately about anime figures which I have purchased. No moaning and whining about how rubbish my life is here. It’s too mundane anyway.

My tastes in figures vary but for the most part, you can expect a selection of resin kits, painted by myself, and others for your viewing pleasure.

Generally speaking, you will find resin kits of various anime characters which I have collected over time (and adhere to my rules of collecting) as well as a number of gunpla and assorted other mecha kits/figures which have caught my interest over time.

For those who are in the know, I don’t think much of PVC kits so I do not collect them. On occasion, one may stand out of the crowd and I will purchase one, but I am very much a fan of resin kits.

As a result, don’t expect much in terms of updates for my blog. Resin kits take a notoriously long time to complete and I don’t work on them 24/7 so apologies in advance if you end up liking what you see and regularly end up checking for updates. I may break things up with some random opinions on anime shows I’m currently watching or possibly even post my progress on the kit I am currently working on but we’ll see how things go.

*phew* that was a fairly long first post but without further ado…