Finally managed to dig out some pics of older model kits so ppl can see how much better (or worse) I have become over the years.

First up, we have Jam Kuradoberi from Guilty Gear X (and it’s numerous revisions). There was actually a very nice coldcast kit of the same model available but I didn’t like some bits of the colour scheme so I decided to paint my own.

This was one of my very first kits and it probably shows. Back then, I painted all my kits by hand (no airbrush for me) so there were many issues I needed to overcome, such as visible brush marks on larger surfaces. Still, I do look back rather fondly on this kit, being one of my earliest works. I hadn’t even developed any skills with the camera at this point so even the photos suck!! Apologies everyone!!

For those curious about my edits in the colour scheme, originally, the right arm was completely covered in a black glove which went all the way to the shoulder and also covered the cleavage. I wasn’t having any of that so I painted the dress so the cleavage was more exposed and painted it as though the glove was never there. I prefer it that way but here’s a pic of the original for those interested