So, I have joined the ranks of (not so) proud Xbox 360 owners and within 2 weeks, I have also joined the ranks  of 360 owners who needed to get their system replaced…

Yay for Microsoft and their shoddy manufacturing. Looks like i’ll need to go back to the retailers to get a replacement but at least I got off light with just 1 console and a disk scratching issue.

Spare some thought for this poor sap who has gone through 12 Systems since it’s release a year and a half ago!!!

A tale of 11 broken xboxes

The wierdest thing is, the guy says he’s STILL a fan of the system. Now that is something…

suddenly the PS3 looks so much more enticing.

Oh, and for those mildly interested, yes, I will still be sticking with the 360 for a little while longer. My Xbox live gamertag is “gundamjehutykai”

Feel free to try and find me and add me to your friend list. I suck but I’ll be more than willing to go a few rounds with ppl.