From all my previous posts of my model kits you would think that I only do figures! well, that is actually wrong. My first love has been and always will be mecha. And when you mention mecha, one has to mention mobile suit gundam!!!

So anyways, Here is a quick overview of all my completed gundam kits at present. I still have a few more but they aren’t built yet. Click on the pics for bigger versions

Quite a few, right? well, this is the result of almost 7 years of collecting (I say as though it’s a valid excuse…). Close ups and breakdown of kits after the jump!

First up, we have the HG 1/100 series from Gundam wing: endless waltz and gundam epyon and the original altron gundam on the top shelf. The eagle eyed geeks among you may also notice the 1/100 Evangelion unit 0′ and unit 1 on the left and Tallgeese III just outside the pic on the right. I always preferred the Altron in the TV show over the endless waltz version but it’s the opposite for all the other units.

On the lower shelf, we have the 1/144 Gundam seed kits for all the units which had the name gundam attached to it. You can also probably just see strike freedom and Infinite justice on the right.

Next up, we have a slightly better view of tallgeese III and the upgraded units from gundam X. Rounding off the top shelf, we have the master grade GP01 fb and GP02 from Gundam 0083 and the Szabi from char’s counterattack.

On the lower shelf, we have a clear view of the 1/144 strike freedom and infinite justice as well as Destiny gundam and Akatsuki (not a gundam but bandai put the term on the kits to make them sell more). Sandwiched between the 4 we have the master grade Strike and (my personal fave) freedom gundam. After that, we have the perfect grade 1/60 Wing zero and GP01.

Last, but not least, we have the randoms… On the top shelf we have the MG nu gundam from chars counterattack (did you honestly expect me to have a sazabi and not the nu gundam?), the original RX-78 Gundam version Ka, MG kaempfer (one of the few decent grunt mecha for the zeon), God gundam (that’s right, I said GOD gundam, not burning gundam like the censored american version of the show called it), Shining gundam and master gundam. Rounding off the top shelf, we have the Wing gundam ver Ka and the griffon from patlabor.

On the lower shelf, we have my remaining big kits. From the left, we have the PG Evangelion unit 1, Master grade EX-S gundam, Perfect grade strike gundam, Zeta gundam and Gundam Mk II. Also notice the MG crossbone gundam in front of the zeta gundam. And finally on the right, you can see my Jam kuradoberi and Mizuho Kazami kits which i posted separately.

I will admit that I had almost made a mess in my trousers when I saw the PG evangelion as they had been discontinued for a very long time when I bought it way back in 2004. I had a chance to get one in 98 when I was part of my school exchange to Japan. My host family graciously offered to buy it as a gift for me but I couldn’t take advantage of their kindness (that, and I had no space in my luggage to take it home…). I had been kicking myself since then until I happened to chance across one in a small model shop in Hong Kong. I’ve now made a mental note of the location of that shop and they do have some really vintage stuff!!!

Of course, sods law meant that the kit was re-released about a year after I bought one and now it is freely available everywhere…

As for building the kits themselves, I try to do as little as possible to the kits in terms of painting. The reason being, I like the anime TV look of the units which is basically solid block colours and few decals. I try to keep it as close as I can to the anime look, sans weathering and excessive detailing. I do draw panel lines and colours where neccesary though. Especially on the High grade kits (so that would be wing, X and most of the seed kits). but the master and perfect grades need far less work to make them look good so I tend to leave them mostly alone through fear of making them look worse. That doesn’t mean I don’t do anything, however. My Kaempfer is completely painted over since i didn’t like the original green/blue colour it was molded in.

In any case, my gundam building has been slowing down considerably recently simply because there are fewer kits which interest me. I still have the gundam F91 and strike freedom to build but after that? I’m not sure about the Turn A kit. We’ll have to wait and see…

But for now I leave you with a little experiment I conducted. Gundams doing the Jinki pose!!!!