Well, with the new season of shows starting very soon (or in some cases, have already begun), I thought I’d go through the shows I’m currently watching and rate them. I’m not really for a “mark out of X” rating so I’m going to put them into 3 headings. “Must watch,” “Enjoyable but m’eh” and the ” Why the Hell am I watching this?”Anyways, without further ado…

Must watch!

Tengann Toppa Gurren Lagann:

The first show in a long time which I occasionally watch raw, or without english subs. Normally, I wait till subs come out as I really have to concentrate without them in order to understand what’s going on, which lowers my enjoyment. But this show is so fun and enjoyable that I really don’t care that much. That’s how good it is!

Heroic Age

I will openly admit that I am a bit of a Xebec fanboy. From Nadesico, to Stellvia and even Fafner, I have really enjoyed the shows which this company pops out and this one is no different. While it doesn’t have the sheer enjoyment factor of Stellvia or the whole “Did they just do that?” of Fafner, Heroic age, for me, is solidly entertaining and I look forward to seeing how things will pan out.

Seto No Hanayome

Yes, the jokes start getting stale after about 5 eps (esp the Masa-san one, You know it if you watch it…) but even with the repeat jokes, they add enough to each ep to make it pretty damn funny each time. Later eps with Luna and her terminator dad are brilliant!

Plus Natsuko Kuwatani as Maki is always good Desu~

Enjoyable but M’eh

Gigantic Formula

I actually really enjoy Gigantic formula but damn scary character designs and general inconsistency with the episodes drags it down to the m’eh level. Some eps are really fun while others seem to drag on. Still, I’m sticking with it since the good mostly outweigh the bad.

Nagasarete Airantou

Again, inconsistency with the eps drags this otherwise enjoyable show down to the M’eh level. It’s also really generic but there’s always a place for at least 1 generic show in my books.

Hayate no Gotoku

I had really high hopes for this show but it just doesn’t compare to the manga. Some of the original stuff is good, and I really enjoy getting the references they put into the show but overall, it just isn’t as entertaining as the manga.

Kaze No Stigma

The main selling point of this show for me was the ridiculously Tsundere main female lead. (yes, I’m a sucker for tsunderes). The show itself is pretty enjoyable but I just don’t find myself racing to get the next episode. Maybe it’ll get better but it feels above average but not stand out at the moment.

Why am I watching this?

Idolm@ster Xenoglossia

Another show I had high hopes for but it never really delivered. The eps are rather boring and the plot doesn’t really seem to go anywhere. Delivery of key moments also tend to fall flat. The plot does look like it’s on the up tho. Good thing too, otherwise I may have dropped this…

El Cazador de la bruja

A beetrain show which shares most of it’s production staff with noir and Madlax (both of which I loved). What could go wrong?

Quite a lot it would seem. While the other 2 shows mentioned had some brilliant action scenes and a plot which always moved forward (albeit sometimes slowly) this new show seems to be stuck in the same spot. It also lacks the mystery of it’s predecessors. Ellis has a special ability but it’s treated as a “matter of fact” thing instead of a potential plot mover. it also feels like the show lacks the attention to detail which beetrain are known for. I’m sticking with it for now, but if you counted the 3 shows as a trilogy, this one is definitely the “return of the jedi” one of the 3.

Nanoha StrikerS

Seriously, someone tell me why I’m watching this!!! To be honest, I don’t know why I even started watching this show. It’s a freaking magical girl show!!! It’s one of my kryptonites!!

Add to that, the fact that nothing really happens past “new recruits get trained and then trained some more” for most of the eps which have been aired thus far and you start to wonder if the plot is ever going to get a move on… If El Cazador is stuck in the same spot, Nanoha StrikerS has dug a hole, jumped in and refused to get out.

The second half had better have some serious compensation!!!

Lucky Star

Yep, you heard me!!!

Sorry, but this show is just not that good! I like the references and when it gets it right, it is really funny, but that’s not that often. Other times it just falls flat. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground for this show. The jokes are either really funny or forgettable, and more often than not, it’s the latter.

I’ll admit that It’s not a dud but given the hype this show had and the reputation of KyoAni, I expected much more…


D Gray-man

I don’t usually drop shows but there are always exceptions. D Gray-Man falls into the “Shonen show” trap. The show just keeps going with no end in sight, there are fillers galore and the eps are just not as enjoyable as they once were.

The original manga is actually quite good but I am not sitting through hundreds of eps with x numbers of filler for this. Bleach was another show which I dropped due to the shonen show curse.

Well, that’s pretty much my list. I’m watching a few more shows than the ones listed, but they are nearing their end so it doesn’t really make much sense to add them now. I wonder how readers will think of my choices? agree? disagree? feel free to post comments but remember to keep the spam to a minimum!!


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