As reported on various blogs and forums, Newtype seems to have a couple of pages this month saying that a second season of Haruhi has been confirmed.

Take it with a bit of salt for now, at least until other sources confirm it too…

*Edit* I should have put this up much earlier but meh. The official haruhi site was updated yesterday with a 22 minute flash video depicting certain events of the 3rd book. It was done in live action so it’s not a guarantee that there is a season 2 but given the lengths KyoAni seem to be publicizing this, It’s pretty safe to say that a season 2 is definitely in the works.

The video can be found in nicovids for ppl with accounts (like myself) or you can find a torrent in tokyotosho. It makes for a pretty dull watch though. I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t read the book but it is an event which was hinted at in the first season and will play a part in later stories. You can see a couple of shots in the bottom of the first pic below.

Clannad also appears to have been pushed back to 2008 as well so we may see Haruhi season 2 as soon as Autumn 2007, i.e. next season!!!!

Click on the pics for bigger ones. As far as I can tell the 2nd pic mostly has info on the 2 recently announced games. Nice touch having Konata from Lucky Star jumping over the news of the new series on her monitor.

The official announcement should be on July 7th so I guess we’ll know for sure then.