Gunota has posted that the 101st Master grade Gundam kit will be the Destiny gundam from gundam seed destiny.

I’m sure more ppl will be happier with that announcement than the Turn A one, but I feel a little underwhelmed by the announcement.

I would have much preferred an announcement for a MG Assault buster V2 gundam or even Double X. Heck, I would have started drooling over an infinite justice MG!!!

That’s not to say that the destiny is a bad unit, it’s just that there are others I would much prefer to have as an MG. I bet it’ll have some action stand for combat poses against Strike freedom tho!!

*Edit* It appears that Bandai are going to do the Strike freedom thing with destiny as well. Sources say there will be 2 versions of destiny when it is released, with a more expensive, special edition version having the destiny “wings of light”

Source: Gunota