I have now bought my first revoltech! All Hail Saber!!!!

Orbital Manga had a few in stock and the revoltech line has always intrigued me so I went for the plunge. (still waiting for my Revoltech Dangaioh tho. *nudge*)

On the subject of Japanese renditions of all things British, I also watched eps 24 and 25 of Code Geass last night! Without putting in any spoilers, They really milked the fact that there is a second season for what it’s worth. The ending wasn’t too bad but it did feel like they were milking the fact for all it was worth!

In any case, more pics of Saber and more Geass goodness (with spoilers) after the jump!

The revoltech line is known for the incredible posability of the figures in the line. There are currently around 30 in the current lineup with figures ranging from New getter to the ingram 98 from patlabor to Revy from black lagoon. It has to be said, however, that the mecha figures tend to lend themselves better than human figures due to some joints looking rather ugly and out of place. Saber doesn’t have this problem tho, since the armour hides most of the joints.

Overall, I must admit to being a little underwhelmed by this particular saber figure. While it does do dynamic poses very well, It feels like the makers forgot about the simple mundane ones. It took a very long time to do the simple pose in the first pic while other, more complex ones, took a matter of minutes!

In terms of detailing, The figure is very well done. There were no major faults with the paint job and only a little paint running over on a couple of places (but those can’t really be seen unless you know what to look for).

The figure is not without it’s faults tho. As stated above, it can be very difficult to do some of the most mundane poses. Minor issues such as the ankles not quite lining up with eachother and one forearm not rotating as far as the other can restrict the number of poses you can do quite dramatically. Also, the eyes on saber are painted looking to the side. While this isn’t much of a problem on it’s own, again, it tends to restrict what you can do with the figure.

Overall, though, it’s hard not to recommend. Limitations aside, it is still very fun to put saber in a variety of poses and it holds them very well. There are some issues with balance (esp when trying to place her on the stand which comes with the figure) but nothing which detracts too badly from the figure overall.

I also hope to get a dark saber soon. When that arrives, expect a load of saber vs saber shots!

Now, for code Geass. Most of the action occurred in ep 24 with 25 being mostly about setup for the next season. At the time of writing, subs appear to making themselves available so I won’t go into the overall plot.

Some things to note though:

  • Villetta shoots Ougi!
  • Dalton WAS Geassed! Cornelia was running circles around the Gawain with her Gloucester Knightmare frame and when she was about to deliver the fatal blow, Dalton saves Zero and C.C by shooting Cornelia. He was then quickly vaporised as thanks.
  • Suzaku has one hell of a god mode switch when piloting the lancelot!!
  • Cornelia survives!! (Yay, but I was more of a Eufie fan…)
  • Orange-kun returns piloting a gigantic spiked… Orange?
  • V.V kidnaps Nunnally
  • While Lelouche tries to get Nunnally back, he loses communication with the black knights and they lose their initial advantage and eventually lose. Single point of failure= very bad!!!
  • C.C pilots the Gawain better when Lelouche is not around. The battle between Orange and Gawain ends with the gawain (with just C.C piloting) pushing the mecha into the ocean.
  • C.C really is Tsundere and not just TsunTsun!!
  • Suzaku and Karen find out that zero = Lelouche
  • Karen doesn’t take the news very well while Suzaku claims that he thought as much.
  • Unsurprisingly, their friendship is now dissolved
  • Nina: Supreme Bomb maker!! And mental to boot!

The show ends with a cliffhanger. Lelouche and Suzaku draw guns at eachother, with a bomb attached to Lelouche which will go off if his heart stops beating. Then a shot is fired. My money is on Karen doing the shooting but to whom, I can’t tell.

Well, roll on Season 2 I guess…

On a side note, the live action transformers movie sucked… いいいみで (in a good way). Still wouldn’t recommend it tho.