Picked up a few more shows so I thought I should update this list to reflect that. Similar format to last time. There are 3 Tiers, Must watch, Entertaining and Why am I watching this again??

I’ll Simply list the ones which were added last time without a blurb and pic so you can see where it was last month. However, I will put a blurb and pic in if the show goes up or down a tier. Well then, On with the show!!

Must watch

Last month

  • Tengann toppa Gurren Lagann
  • Heroic Age
  • Seto No Hayanome

No real changes at the top spot. Gurren Lagann maintains the very top spot and goes from strength to strength (hurrah for RAWs), Heroic age remains consistant and Seto keeps going up and down but remains very entertaining.


Murder Princess

To be honest, if this was a full blown tv series, it would probably be just entertaining but since it’s a 6 part OVA, the plot goes at a frightening pace. And since the plot never gets stuck, it’s easy to look forward to each new ep. I’ve been watching this since the beginning, but Forgot to add it to the last listings because of the long gap between eps. oops…

Zero No Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi

Tsundere? I’m sold. But seriously, this was a guaranteed must watch for me. I really enjoyed the first season and this is pretty much more of the same. Saito eyes other girls, Louise gets angry/jealous, Beatings!! A little has been lost as the other characters, notably Siesta, are not pursuing Saito as strongly as before since the events of the end of season 1, but we get new characters like Louise’s older sisters and the royal guards which should liven things up.

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Entertaining but Meh

Last month

  • Gigantic Formula
  • Nagasarete Airantou
  • Hayate No Gotoku
  • Kaze no Stigma

Not much to say about the ones above. They continue to be entertaining but lacking in the “Must watch more” factor of the tier above. Most of the new shows will fit in here too, which is to be expected since you don’t expect that many shows to be amazing!


Picked up this show on a whim and the fact that lots of ppl rave about it. Surprisingly enough, despite the show not being the type I normally watch, I found it quite entertaining so I ended up keeping up with it. I don’t feel like it’s a must watch so progress is slow and steady, although I do know some of the later parts through reading the manga.

Denno Coil

This show is plain weird, bit it’s that weirdness which makes me go back to watch the next ep. I can see this show getting better and vying for promotion but for now it’s in the mid tier. Gotta love the little kid who runs around calling everything “little shit”


It’s a show with nothing but fanservice!! SOLD!!!

Brainless shows like this are pretty fun once in a while, but I can see myself dropping this at a moments notice simply because the service effect wore off. It’s still pretty funny in places but with airantou and Seto in the comedy slots, I don’t really need another. In fact, the service is probably the only thing placing this show above lucky star!

Devil May Cry

Yes, it’s a shameless cash-in on a popular video game franchise but at least the show is actually entertaining, unlike, say gungrave.

They even managed to nail Dante’s arrogance from DMC3 in the show, but missed out on the sharp silver tongue from DMC1. I miss the Dante quips. The show isn’t going to convert anybody and the eps are very episodic and Stand alone but it does it’s job of entertaining rather nicely. Certainly not a classic but a decent enough timewaster.

Sky Girls

You heard me!!! Ignoring the borderline loli main characters for the moment, I rather liked the 1 ep OVA which was produced several months ago and the TV series really does feel like an extension of that. We’re not too far into the show at the moment, but it’s shaping up to be a fairly decent show. At least it was better than strike witches…

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi

Another show I missed last time. This show is great! It’s really funny, the jokes never get stale and they have Shigure!! The only reason this show isn’t in my “must watch” pile is simply because it’s a shonen title and, as such, suffers from the shonen curse. It’s currently on 42 eps and will probably run over the 52 ep season since the manga is still ongoing! It’ll just keep running and running like all the other shonen shows long after their sell by date (one piece, naruto, D Gray-man and bleach come to mind) so I’m more than likely going to drop the show at a convenient place than stick around and watch the show go into decline…

Higurashi No Naku Koro ni Kai

After watching the first season, I couldn’t really pass up the second now, could I? Hopefully, this series will answer the questions left open in the first season. It’ still early but it looks like they will follow the previous format, which lends itself more towards a marathon viewing rather than a per week fix, which is one of the reasons why this show is not in the must watch pile. Still, I look forward to more weird happenings due to Oyashiro-sama’s curse. Unless it lingers on about the stuff about aliens…

Ni Pah!!

IDoLM@ster: Xenoglossia

Wait, what?? Is that a plot I see right now??? HOLY CRAP!!!

From out of nowhere, we suddenly get a decent plot and story progression!! I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it but the show really reminds me of Mai-HiME and, to a lesser extent Otome. The first part of the season was just nonsense with little to no structure and suddenly *boom* plot twist and a much much darker tone!! It’s done pretty poorly compared to HiME, which was entertaining throughout but if they keep this up, it may make me glad that I stuck with this show!! I’m actually finding myself wondering what will happen next!! The opening song still sucks though…

Why am I watching this again?

Last Month

  • IDoLM@aster Xenoglossia
  • El Cazador
  • Nanoha StrikerS
  • Lucky Star *dodges projectile*

Well, One show got promoted for doing a well timed plot progression which ended up turning the show on it’s head. What about the others. Well, lucky star never had a plot to begin with. It still jumps from funny to not funny with each joke and it pretty much the same. Nanoha StrikerS also got a big boost with plot progression, but it felt more like a natural payoff to something which has been building up for a while, so it had far less impact and the rest of the show will probably be a “by the book” progression now. And the new intro is poor! El Cazador also had plot progression, but that was so minor and expected, it may as well not be there! Everything goes on as normal in that show…


School Days

This show is actually painful for me to watch!! When the main character tries his moves, it’s like watching the worst parts of american pie but without the humour. I just want to turn away and shudder. In fact, the only reason I’m watching this show is for the ending. So there had better be a payoff at the end or else this will be a completely wasted show!!

Ito is, by far, one of the worst male leads in a “boy meets girl” show I have ever seen and even the 2 main girls Kotonoha and Sekai are annoying as hell! I demand a “bad ending” for this show!

Zombie Loan

Apart from the fact that the original manga is from Peach-pit, this show doesn’t have much going for it. Although, as always, the peach-pit chibi characters are fun to watch, it’s not enough to save the show from it’s inability to really engage me. This show is fast losing my interest. Maybe it’ll end up on the chopping board…

Well, that’s it for the new shows. Comments, arguments and questions can be left in the comments box. I’ll update when I pick up a sufficient number of new shows, probably next season.

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