The internet is now abuzz with the aftermath of wonderfestival, which occurred on Sunday. Various blogs and sites have now started releasing photos of the kits which were available at the event and I have to say, it’s a pretty strong showing this year. If WonFest Summer 06 could be considered the Year of Haruhi (it was when bubba’s bunny kit was first shown afterall…) then this year will probably be remembered as the year of Code Geass! A lot of high quality (and not so high quality) figures for that series and, arguably, the ones most people would like to get their hands on.

The only disappointing part was that, unlike last year, there was no 1 “must have” kit! There were quite a few good ones but none which made me drop everything and put all my efforts into obtaining one, which could actually be considered a good thing… However, this one came close…

This is a kit by Cerberus Project and was unveiled on the groups blog just prior to the event. Unfortunately, trying to track one down has proven very difficult. Add to that, the demand for the kit and is shows that this one will be very difficult to get. Not that it’s going to stop me from trying though… If anyone knows where I can find one, please share!!

I’ve posted up some pics of the kits which grabbed my attention but you may want to check out dannychoo and Heisei Democracy for more galleries. Currently, I have 3 figures on my watch list and 1 actually bought! These should keep me busy for a while!! Pics after the jump!

Nanoha StrikerS

Fate\Stay Night


Gurren Lagann

Streetfighter II

Code Geass (the big one…)

And that’s pretty much it for this year. Unless some more drop dead kits surface shortly, I will await winter wonderfestival for my next fix!!

Aside from the above links, these sites are also worth checking out for pics

Senaka blog

Plus Alpha


GF Dan

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