True to my word, I was able to purchase a Dark Saber Revolvtech to accompany my regular saber!!

You would think that a recoloured saber with a few design changes would make very little difference to the figure itself and the gripes I had with the original would still be present. Well, in some ways that is correct and in others it’s very wrong.

More pics and review of the changes after the jump.

The first thing you will notice are the redesigned arms, sporting new, spiky gauntlets and more volume on the bicep area. The Shoulderpads are also redesigned. I’ll admit that the arms do look better than on the original, but that better look comes with a price!

The extra bulk means that it is much harder to move the arms into certain poses with dark saber which limits what you can do with the upper body. Even holding the sword vertically next to her head, like in the second pic up, is difficult and some of the poses done with saber are pretty much impossible!

But not all is lost, The legs have also had a boost up. The boots have been given considerable mass compared to the original, which makes it much easier to balance. It also means that dark saber is a tad taller than regular saber…

Overall, I would say that normal saber is better, but that’s mostly from a looks perspective, I just prefer the blue with gold trim look. There isn’t any particular thing which one does better than the other, although the differences took me by surprise since I expected the 2 to have the same problems.

My fave pic

As for extras, Dark Saber comes with a replaceable headpiece, One which just her front hair, and one which has the visor seen in an earlier pic. Personally, I don’t like the visor so I tried using it as little as possible but it’s a nifty little extra.

The other thing it comes with is a coloured Excalibur, which I used with regular saber in the pic above. The original saber came with a transparent Excalibur and coloured Caliburn. The coloured Excalibur is pretty much made for the original since putting it on Dark saber just makes it look strange as the colours clash. It’s a good thing for people who buy both tho!

Heaven Or hell? Lets ROCK!!

I tried to mimic the fighting poses of 2 video game characters in the pic above. Can you tell which ones?

A standard pose for any “duel” scenario. Who won? I’ll let you decide!

One final Dynamic pose!!