Another blast from the past this time around. This is my kit of ren ren nagusa… something from DearS!

This kit was my very first airbrushed kit so I learned a lot over the course of painting this kit, from how much to thin the paint to what paints work well with eachother.

I also got a crash course in what materials to use for very basic modding, free of charge…

A few more pics and extra info after the jump.

being my first airbrushed kit, things didn’t work as smoothly when compared to my previous kits like Jam and Mizuho. It took me a little time to get the balance between paint and thinner correct, esp since I use Games Workshop paints and they are *really* thick!

The kit itself was a recast and it really showed.

The biggest problem was the right hand which you can see in the pic above. Eagle eyed readers can probably see that the hand seems a little long. The reason for that is because I was forced to extend the wrist down so the parts fit correctly. There were little grooves in the thigh which were supposed to hold the fingers in place but the hand, initially, didn’t reach down far enough. I used some modelling clay for the job but it was far from ideal. I managed to make it work though, and I don’t think that it’s too noticeable.

The next problem was the hair. The hair came in numerous small parts and had no obvious place to stick them together. The larger parts also didn’t fit correctly so I tried to fill the holes with some filler. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out quite as planned and some of the filler did not go ointo the gaps and ended up sticking on the hair, creating a grainy look on the hair. even after sanding, I just couldn’t get rid of it all, so in the end, they stayed. I arranged the hair to make it look as natural as possible but there are some of the smaller parts which stick out somewhat.

But in the end, I think i passed through the trial by fire fairly well. I’ve made leaps and bounds since then as I became more used to the airbrush and my bunny haruhi came out far better than my other airbrushed works. Now we’ll just have to wait and see if I can work some “magic” on my mina figure.