For those of you who don’t visit, the first 2 kits from my wonder festival shopping spree have arrived from Japan!! I posted the pic over at earlier this week but I hadn’t even taken them out of their packaging by that point.

In any case, here are 2 of my purchases from FW summer 07, Cerberus Project Ignis from Jingai Makyou and Jet Streams rendition of C.C from Code Geass!

You will probably recognize them from my previous posts on Wonfest kits which interested me. I haven’t done much to them so far, only removed the really big flash parts and one a very basic parts fit to make sure I wasn’t missing any pieces but even that was enough to impress me so I thought I would post my initial impressions. You can read them after the jump.

First up is Ignis. I was really taken back by the level of detail on the base. Not only does it have all the texture to make it really look like a living monster but one thing that the pictures released before the event didn’t show clearly is that the “tongue”/tentacle part has wounds!!Bullet wounds to be precise!

Going on to Ignis herself, Nice detailing on the costumes all round and her skirt cloth also has bullet damage, which was a nice touch! The parts don’t fit 100%, so a small amount of putty will be needed but it’s nothing major. One odd thing with the kit, however, are the hands. On closer inspection of the Cerberus project website, it does confirm this little oddity to be true, but Ignis’ sword hand has her index finger outstretched, as though she was mimicking a gunbarrel with her finger, or resting it on the trigger guard of a gun. Why they designed the kit to look like that when she is holding a sword is something I don’t quite understand but it’s a minor quibble. No complaints about the SMG hand tho. Heck, the trigger finger even rests in the guard of the gun! Shame you can’t swap the weapons around, since the different sized grips makes that impossible, but without separate replacement hands to change the pose a little, the kit would end up looking a bit strange. One other thing I completely forgot about when buying this kit is that Ignis herself is a cast-off figure! Her clothing can be removed so she wears nothing except her stockings, gloves and pantsu! This gives the kit the rather dubious honour of being the closest thing I will have done to being an Ero kit!! Close, mind you, but not quite ero. So one of my 3 rules of figure building remains intact!

Next, we’re on to C.C. This was one of the stand out kits of C.C in the event (the other being the Yoiko Q version) and that is saying something, considering how many C.C kits there were…

The first thing I noticed about the kit was that the white resin parts were… WHITE!! Normally, resin parts come in a sort of light cream colour but C.C was china white! Very few surprises in terms of the detailing, since C.C doesn’t really have much detail in that costume anyway, although i did find that the sculptor decided to give a little service by providing the Kit with some cleavage. It’s all hidden behind the arms tho… Also, the head actually has the Geass symbol (the one on the church in the flashbacks, in Lelouche’s eye and on C.C’s forehead from time to time) has actually been sculpted on the kit. Unfortunately, the hair gets in the way so you can’t see it very well, if at all in any of the pics. I’ll have to see if I can fix that when I start work on her. There are also some problems with the mold. Some parts don’t fit particularly well so this one will probably see a lot of putty, esp around the leg/hip area. overall tho, I don’t see any major issues which would require any major work, although the boots and hands may prove to be troublesome when it comes to pinning.

I’ll post more pics and progress when I actually get around to building them, which should be in the near future. Jet stream C.C is next on my “to do” list after I finish Mina. And after that, who knows. Maybe I’ll work on Ignis or perhaps there will be another kit I will start…