I really should have posted this yesterday but I was tired.

It would appear that the last episode of school days was cancelled at the last minute and replaced with some nature show! It was later confirmed that the ep was pulled due to news of the girl who killed her father with an axe… Most other channels which were due to show the ep have also stated that they will not show the episode, so it’s looking increasingly like we’ll have to wait for the DVD release to find out what happens. On the plus side, this pretty much guarantees that we are looking at a “bad” ending which makes my suffering through the earlier eps seem worth it.

From the looks of the penultimate ep, I think we are looking at the Sekai bad ending “To My children,” Though I’m still hopeful for a “bloody conclusion” ending!

Check out the school days wiki for a little more info on the bad endings. Sufficed to say, the bloody conclusion is probably the most (in)famous…