The 3rd kit in my WF spree arrived this morning! This kit did get a certain level of Buzz before the event but it died down after everyone started focusing on C.C. Not to be forgotten, however, I bought myself a figure of Shirley Fennett from Code Geass modeled by Ryun Ryun Tei. In swimwear!!!

Now all that is left is my YoikoQ C.C and Ignis the red. Unfortunately, they will probably not arrive for some time. But they will arrive eventually! But for now, first impressions of Shirley after the jump.

Unfortunately, compared to my previous kits, All is not well. Despite assurances from the seller and the load of “official”stickers and the like, the kit could be mistaken for a recast (read: fake)

I’m not sure if it was just the molding process or something else, but there are a lot of imperfection in the kit, from unusually large numbers of flash areas, to really big seam lines to a lot of the parts having gaps in the fit. Not to say that the design isn’t good, it will just take a lot more work than my other kits to get it up to scratch. More than any other official kit I have purchased before…

Parts wise, I was surprised at how simple the whole thing was. In total, there are only 10 parts!

The Design itself is fairly simple, as one would expect from the pictures. Perhaps this is why they decided to not give any instructions on how the parts fit together. Luckily, most are self explanatory, although I did run into a little trouble with the 2 extra hair parts as it was not obvious where they went, initially. The kit itself was also a Bitch to put together due to the left hand of the kit being positioned to go under the long strands of hair attached to the front fringe as seen in the complete pic below.

Normally, the long hair would be a separate part to make it easier to position the hand and then place the hair over it, but in this case, the hair was molded as one part, which made it difficult to position the arm as the hair is very fragile. It’s not much of an issue, it just means I have to be extra careful. It also increases the chances of paint rubbing off eachother when I put the parts together. ¬_¬’

Another minor niggle is that the ashford crest on the hip was not molded in so I will have to study up and paint it by hand. orz

I have heard of original kits being of rather poor quality, but after 5 official kits. This is the first one I have seen. It just means that I have to work extra on the preparation stage but the fact that I have to put this much work into a (supposed) official kit is shocking. I wonder if all Ryun Ryun Tei kits are like this? In any case, I will probably start working on Shirley after I finish C.C… which will happen after I finish Mina. Wow, I have quite a queue! Also, I don’t remember Shirley having quite the chest… Did I miss something?