Now that Danny has posted up the winners of his contest, I’m now free to actually post this figure up!

I have made no attempt in hiding my general dislike for PVC figures in the communities I am a part of. For me, the building process is as important, if not more so than the finished product so I have usually chosen to go for unpainted resin kits over a mass produced PVC. There are, however, exceptions. They are few and far between (the most recent ones being the Shuraki figures and Mirei-san by Shunya Yamashita) as they really have to stand out for me to take notice. Like this one.

KOS-MOS from Xenosaga Episode 1!

KOS-MOS has been one of my fave video game characters in recent memory and this atypical pose for her has been one of the best renditions of her first form, so I had to get it! I also have the BOME version, but like nearly all BOME figures, I found the pose to be very dull and static. Which is another reason why i tend to shy away from PVC figures.

More pics after the jump

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Xenosaga trilogy (surely there can’t be many), the series was meant to be a prequel to the fantastic PS1 RPG Xenogears, but since it was developed by monolith (which was made up of mostly Ex-Square employees) and Square owned the rights to Xeongears, the games shared very little in common other that a few specific items central to the story in both series.

I bought the first game as soon as I had a PS2 capable of playing US games and have now got all 3 games, though I must admit that I have yet to finish episode 3. The female characters all had a makeover for each new game, and KOS-MOS was no exception. I personally preferred the design from ep1 the most, with form 4 coming a close second, then form 3 and finally form 2 from Ep2 comes a distant last. (well, what do you expect from the model that gave us the infamous MOK-KOS)

This particular model was produced by alter and has already gone through several re-issues but currently, I believe it has been discontinued. Alter are also releasing a Ver4 KOS-MOS later, which may tempt me as resin kits of any version of KOS-MOS are rather rare. Alter are definitely a company which I would go for if I was getting PVC kits as they may not necessarily have the best figure for a character, but their workmanship is more consistently good and their poses tend to be more dynamic (but I’m sure they have problems with leaning).

With Regards to Ver1 KOS-MOS, I can’t really say anything particularly bad about it. The paintjob is spot on, with no paint leaking onto other parts and the whole thing is just very clean. I was mildly surprised by the Translucent hair, but I thought it was a pretty neat addition.

The pose does strike me as a little odd though. Especially with the gun resting at the angle it is. Perhaps a bent arm pointing the gun up would have been better?

The only other thing I can think of regarding this figure is that… well… It’s not very KOS-MOS like! Anyone who has played the game can tell you that this is not the kind of pose the character would strike, nor would she smile like she does in this figure. But that could be a pro or a con depending on the person.

But at the end of the day, I really do like this figure, which is why I bought it, despite it being a PVC product. One of the best figures of one of my fave game characters in one of her best forms? can’t say no to that!!

BTW, has anyone else played namcoXcapcom? Tried using KOS-MOS? She’s a demon!! surely it can’t be right to have such a powerful character under the players control? She can take Boss units out by herself!!!!

And as an added bonus here’s the pic I used for the photoshop competition as well as my original entry. PANTSU!!!!

Unfortunately, I didn’t win anything, but then I never really intended to. Being a omplete photoshop noob, I used it as an excuse to mess about with the software more than anything else. It was also somewhat incomplete as I had to cut the time I had to work on it as I was leaving London for a while and didn’t have access to photoshop so I couldn’t continue working on it.

Looking back, I would have liked to add a thought bubble for the tall guy in the middle and the person on the right who were looking up just to emphasize the “where are you looking?” theme. Also, I would have added a bubble for the person on the left of the pic looking to the right. Probably something like “pervs”

But it’s all too late to do that now. Live and learn. Thanks for the people who voted for me! Looks like i managed to make some ppl smile!!!

And as a final bonus. Here’s a 4Koma strip based on Xenosaga Ep1. I think paints the connection between Shion and KOS-MOS quite well!!