Gundam 00 started in japan today and already, there are fansubs for it. Well, being a gundam show, it was already highly anticipated, but was it any good?

I have to admit that I think that the opening is very strong for a gundam series. We got to see all the gundams in action to some degree and some basic introduction to all the factions. You also get the impression that the setting and backhistory of the world is going to play a bigger part in this than it did in Seed. As expected, the gundams look much better in movement than in lineart and we are even shown why they all have “washing machine chests!” Who would have guessed that it actually has a use besides being ugly and simply being a part of the engine that sticks out! The Show wasn’t without flaws tho.

One thing I disliked somewhat, was the blatant disregard for physics. Yes, I know this is an anime so physics are usually ignored but in previous shows, they at least baked up some psuedo-science to explain some of the more ridiculous elements, but Gundam 00 Just ignores it all with it’s perpetual energy engine. I can forgive the zero gravity flight system but infinite energy?? Otherwise, the show itself looked pretty solid and I look forward to seeing how things will progress. I just hope that splitting the show into 2 halves to make way for code Geass season 2 won’t adversely affect the plot or pacing of gundam 00.  And for those who are interested, here’s a youtube vid for the OP and ED sequences for the show

I think the L’arc-en-Ciel song is quite good but somewhat unsuitable for an action show like Gundam 00. It’s nowhere near as bad as wing of words in Seed destiny tho… And I just dislike the ED song in general.