Out with the old and in with the new! Guess I would do a little roundup of some of the shows which have just finished and the ones which have begun!

Best Show of last Season

Gurren Lagann

No contest here, Gurren Lagann walks away as the best show last season and I think it’s the same for many anime watchers out there! Heck, it was even a gainax show without a completely lousy ending!!! You don’t see many Gainax TV shows which do that!!

More Awards and the new watch list after the jump!

Most improved show

Nanoha StrikersS

IdolM@ster Xenoglossia

A tie here. I know I gave both shows a lot of stick early on, but they really did look like they were going nowhere! Imagine my surprise when the plots for both suddenly hit the fast forward button near the end.

If push came to shove, I’d say Xenoglossia showed the most improvement, but I just couldn’t ignore the improvements in the second half of nanoha. It was like the first 13 eps were padding and the last 13 were traditional Nanoha in terms of pacing!!!

Best ending

School Days

Pretty much no contest here! Afterall, the ending of School days is what made me suffer through the rest of the series! and the ending doesn’t disappoint!! Death, more death, a really disturbing viewing angle and broken down Yandere!! hurrah!!!

Honourable mentions go to Seto no Hanayome for providing me with some serious laughs in the last ep!

Biggest disappointment

Zombie Loan

it just sucked…

Most blatant Signs of a second season

Kaze No Stigma

Zero No Tsukaima Season 2

Not since Code Geass have I seen such a blatant ad for a second season, not even Pumpkin Scissors was this bad!! Mark my words, Kaze no stigma season 2 coming soon!! Zero no Tsukaima just had a massive Hax plot device at the end, but again, 3rd season coming soon, just because there’s no way they can leave it like that!!!

Honourable mentions go to Heroic Age, Gigantic formula and Seto no Hanayome for being great shows which either didn’t quite match up to Gurren Lagann or just didn’t fit into the other categories.

Now, on to the new seasons.

Must watch

Gundam 00

A no brainer right here. This was on my “must watch” list ever since it was announced. I mean, it has mecha!! that in itself instantly gets it on my radar, but also the gundam brand holds a lot of weight. Only time will tell if it entertains or becomes a train wreck like the show which preceeded it (Seed destiny) but I am cautiously optimistic.

Shakugan no Shana II

Another show which was on my “must watch” list as soon as it was announced. I really enjoyed the first season so My hopes are high for #2. Currently, it seems to be following the plot of the recent DS game but I hope that they cover Yuji and the Reiji Maigo more in this season!

Genshiken 2

They’re back!!! And they’re just as geeky!! There was no way that I was going to give this show a miss!! Picking up where the first season left off (and so completely ignores the OVA eps from Kujibiki unbalance) we are now into the second half of the manga with the genshiken trying to make their first doujin! Hopefully, the series will reach the end of the manga. It would be an excellent way to end the anime!

On the Fence

These shows have interested me slightly so I will watch the first few eps and see how they go…

Dragonaut – The Resonance

A fair few ppl have been raving about this show so I think I will check it out. It is a gonzo show, however, so in all likelihood, it will either start off great and become terrible or visa versa. Gonzo are not really known for consistancy…

Bamboo Blade

Somewhere near the halfway mark, a small girl by the name of tamaki finds several items coming towards her, including a  rugby ball, a baseball and a teacher. After grabbing a nearby broom, she uses kendo techniques to brush the items aside apart from the teacher, who she hits, and throws him back into the school building. After that act of sheer randomness and stupidity, I decided to keep this show for now!

Goshuusho sama ninomiya-kun

Comedy + fanservice. Almost a staple part of any anime diet!

Night wizard

The premise seemed interesting enough so I thought I’d give it a shot. Not a great start to the show, but not terrible either.


This falls directly into the “why the hell am I watching this?” box. I blame the Kyo-ani effect. Still, I’m fair, so I’ll see how this goes. Kanon sucked tho…

Prism Ark

Not entirely sure why I’m watching this show either. But at least I don’t look at it with abstract horror like I do with Clannad!

More shows may come up later and I will update as they come along, but for now, that is my watch list for the winter season! What will everyone else be watching?

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