Bit of a small update today as we’re on the final stretch of this little project and the eyes (as always) are giving me a real headache. I’ve nearly done them but for now, I thought I would update the progress with the rest of the head.

And by rest of the head, I mean the hair and bunny ears. Since they’re all that’s left. Mina was a little tricky as her hair colour was not straight up blonde, but more of a darker shade which was harder to mix together. First thing to do was to spray the hair pieces white, to make sure that the final hair colour wasn’t too dull.

Once that was done, I sprayed the pieces yellow. The hope was that the yellow would brighten up certain areas so long as the main colour was not sprayed on too thick. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite work out as planned…

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The main hair colour itself was a mix of grey, yellow and a greyish brown colour from games workshop labelled (of all things) desert yellow. the mix was roughly 1:2:1 and the final colour matched the original work pretty closely.

The white hairband was part of the front fringe, and was simply masked off during the airbrushing. It was then brush painted with more yellow to cover any imperfections and paint marks where the 2 colours met.

For the Bunny ears, the areas which were white and light blue were sprayed white. The purple parts didn’t really matter but just in case the white paint may interfere with the look of the purple paint (possible lighter blotches), the purple areas were masked.

The white bar was then masked off with tape and the pink areas were covered with masking fluid. The remaining exposed area was sprayed light blue. Once that was dry, the roles were reversed, The light blue and white areas were masked with tape and the whole thing was then sprayed purple to cover the remaining areas. A few layers were required to remove any trace of the grey undercoat. The masking fluid was then removed and (after even more masking!!) the pink paint was applied using the airbrush.

There were several areas with broken paint and missed parts. Those were cleaned by hand brushing.

Finally, the hair parts were lightly sprayed with yellow to lighten the colour slightly and the end result?

Sharp eyes will notice that I actually started on the eyes in the final pic, but unfortunately, things didn’t go smoothly. With eyes, they never do…

The next update will cover the eyes in detail. After that, it’s just final touch up and then we’re finished!!!