Well, it’s been a (not really) long time coming but She’s finally finished! I give you Getsumento Heiki Mina (Densha Otoko ver). Now standing proudly with my other works, unless my very own Herme-tan comes and takes it away…

After the extreme pleasure/pain experience of Bunny Haruhi, I had forgotten how easily things flow when you have a relatively non complex kit to work on! There were no real challenges in this kit, save for the usual thorns and it feels great being able to finish another piece of work. Of course, it still doesn’t match Haruhi in terms of cost (cost of haruhi: £don’t ask) or time spent (6+ months) but it was able to get me back into the groove!

also, for the regular visitors (hah!), I’ve added some more categories to make browsing a little easier. Now, you can click on the “completed works” link to view all the painted figures be they resin (like most) PVC or even the few revolvtechs I have. The in progress link will take you to the posts which comprised of my mini tutorial. Both should grow as I get more kits under my belt!

I also retook the pics of my Bunny Haruhi kit so you may want to check those out!

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More pics and a brief rundown on the final steps after the jump.

As stated in my previous post, the last step is really just simple cleaup. In this case, there were a few areas where the painting was not uniform or there were small bits of paint seeping which needed to be taken care of.

Most of the work was done on the ears as that needed the most cleanup, but it did give me the chance to double check the paint job and make sure that everything was a-ok. One thing which surprised me was that a small amount of green paint somehow managed to stain various areas such as the back and the forearm. It wasn’t particularly difficult to paint them again (yay for masking) but it’s still a small mystery as to how it got there. Guess I was a little careless with my brush…

The pic above had me worried at first because I thought the eyes looked crosseyed! Would I have to paint the eyes for a 4th time round?

nope! The pic above also gives a nice closeup of the eyes after everything was completed. I opted for a different look compared to what was originally used, which was a more solid purple over the entire eye. I think it came out quite well!

A side view for the carrot weapons!

Different angle.

Yeah, I went there!!

And that brings our little photosession to a close. I think I’ll take a short break from modelling for a bit but I will return! Feel free to ask any questions about the building of this kit and I’ll try to answer as best I can.

My next project will either be C.C. (pronounced C2) or Strike Freedom! Most likely, strike freedom since I have destiny arriving shortly as well. Also, my blog is lacking mecha!!