I know there are probably quite a few ppl out there who have been waiting for this!! The official macross website has recently been updates with *drumroll*

A PV for Macross Frontier!!!


Follow the link and prepare to wait for a long time as this PV takes an age and a half to cache! Best go get a drink or whack out any handheld system to kill time.

Once it loads, we are treated to high quality shots of megaroad ships, brief views of characters and a snippet of action from the newest member of the Variable fighter, the VF25, including it’s transformation sequence!!

*edit* Lower quality youtube video now up for grabs!

The good

  • Damn, the quality of the animation looks top notch! The battle sequences suffer a bit but the new city ships look amazing
  • Not a single trace of mythology, musical weapons, vampire aliens or random mumbo jumbo. Just character interactions and cool action sequences. I know it’s too early to tell, but I dare say if they keep the feel of the PV, Macross is BACK!!!
  • The music. Yoko Kanno is always good.

The Bad

  • While there are not Vampire aliens, the main enemies getting beaten up in the promo are definitely extra-terrestrial. Also, given that the overall director is Shouji Kawamori, I fear that it’s only a matter of time before the feared random mythology and general stupidity will be involved somehow. We just haven’t seen it. I know I said good things about the feeling i get from the show in the above remarks, but let’s be realistic…
  • The VF25. While the individual modes are pretty nice to look at, the transformation was very flimsy. People looking forward to the inevitable expensive Yamato toy will probably have to be extra careful when they get theirs. It also gave some really big aquarion Vibes. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing…

In any case, I hope that the good points from the PV shine and we get zero Kawamori mumbo jumbo when the series finally airs.