Danny Choo has posted pics of 2 Resin kits of Yoko due for release in December. Click on the links for more pics! HLJ have both up for preorder but I’m having a hard time choosing which one…

I know that many PVC figure lovers are wishing for the first kit, but as a resin kit maker, I have to say I’m favouring the second kit a little more. due to parts of the kit being more interesting to paint (the jacket) and the fact that the hair strands on the first kit are sure to be individual parts and will be an absolute pain to put together…

Having gone thru this for several kits already, notably my Ren, I know how annoying it can be when your kit has too many fragile parts.

Also, one of my rules of resin kit building states that there shall be only 1 kit of any particular character. This was initially to stop myself from buying and old resin kit as it forced me to think if this really was the best kit for the character as I would not be able to buy another. However, this rule has now been broken since I have purchased 2 kits of C.C from code geass from Wonderfestival and is now under review.

What do people think? you they believe that the rule is a good one? or should it be scrapped?

And for those wondering, I have 4 rules:

1) The character represented in the kit must be female. Not really a problem since 90% of all kits are of female characters anyway.

2) No H kits

3 Only 1 kit per character in my collection. (under review)

4) If the character is from a game or anime, I must know the game/anime they are from! I won’t buy a kit of a character from a show I have never watched or a game I have never played. Original characters are exempt, but they are scrutinized more harshly.

So what do people think? Which kit do you think I should go for? or do all of you think that I should just scrap rule 3 and get both?

*sigh* my list of kits to build is growing ever larger. But at least I have plenty of material for this blog for the time being…

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