I’ve managed to get through several eps of various shows now so I have a good idea on what I think is worth watching and what isn’t. Similar format to last time. There are 3 Tiers, Must watch, Entertaining and Why am I watching this again?? There are also some shows from last season which I have yet to finish. They are:

Claymore (still going strong but slowly. Picked up some of the later manga chapters tho…)

Denno Coil (getting wierder but still fun)

Hayate No Gotoku (getting less funny. Probably because I have read ahead in the manga so the impact is lessened. May drop this)

Sky Girls (yup! Still going!)

Higurashi Kai (it’s not over yet)

But enough about the old shows, here’s the new list!

Must watch

Gundam 00

A no brainer here, since a mecha show is always in my “must watch” pile and this is pretty much the only one this season. Nevertheless, it has marked itself as being very different from previous gundam shows in that it pays far more attention to the politics of the world stage as opposed to a single side or faction. This has both good and bad points but it still makes the show feel a little refreshing.

The pace is also relatively quick, since it’s going to be 2 26 ep seasons as opposed to 1 50~something eps. I just hope that the plot doesn’t suffer because of it.


This show is just damn funny. No other reasons needed to enjoy this show, right? The best thing is that the humour manages to stick on the good side of slapstick. The characters do some really stupid things, but you get the feeling that you were like that as a kid too. The humour is also universal, something lucky star failed quite amazingly at!

Shakugan no Shana second

Bringing up the rear we have shana II. Admittedly, it’s a lot weaker than the first season and while it is still entertaining, I’m not sure if it’ll keep the “must watch” status. Early eps just seem to drag the story on without allowing it to progress. The OP and ED songs are great tho!


Bamboo blade

Consistency is the problem here. Sometimes, the show is great. At others, it drags on. Miya-Miya is awesome! (shame bout her choice of guys tho…)

Night Wizard

Interesting premise with some decent action scenes and more than a few chuckles. I’ve sat through worse shows but there’s nothing which makes me wish for the next ep here.

Prism Ark

After a whole lot of “huh” and “WTF” as well as some internet research, I was finally able to understand the first ep of this show. Strangely, instead of putting me off the show, It made me want to know more (the fact that it was adapted from an eroge was quite surprising, since the first ep gave more of a strategy RPG vibe).

Goshuusho-sama Ninomiya-kun

I admit it! I’m kinda weak for these sort of shows. The ridiculously Tsun-tsun character of Reika Houjo was a nice bonus too (I won’t label her as Tsundere because, well, she isn’t! No gradual change in feelings!)

Dragonaut: the resonance

I honestly don’t know what to make of this show! It is entertaining but I really don’t know what to say about it. I’m sticking around mainly to see what the heck is going on and what will happen later.

You’re Under arrest: full throttle

I’m watching this more out of the love of the works of the original Manga artist than the title itself. I just love Kouske Fujishimas more recent artwork and character design, something which they have brought over to this series. The show itself is also pretty decent, although it lacks the attention to detail in the mechanics which show up in his manga works.

Either way, I’m trying to get through seasons 1 and 2 now. so this show definitely got me interested in the title again, since the manga wasn’t much cop as only the last few volumes were ever released.

Genshiken 2

I’m actually considering dropping Genshiken. It’s not that it’s bad, but after reading it all in the manga, I just don’t have any desire to watch it animated. They haven’t added much to the plot and i find myself lacking the desire to watch it raw. The lack of good subtitles also hurts it.

And don’t get me started on ep 5…

Why am I watching this again?


Nope, I don’t know why I’m watching this show either! I blame the hype and Kyo-ani effect. I didn’t think Kanon was much cop so this show is pretty much on borrowed time. However, I can’t find any major faults with it! It’s just not my type of show, yet i find myself on autopilot, downloading and watching it! ARGH!!!


Rental Magica

A whole load of things just annoyed me in the first few eps (like most of the cast), so I dropped it. There just wasn’t anything making me want to watch the next ep, so in the bin it went.

So that’s how the Autumn shows are stacking up. Question is, what is everyone else watching? Anything I missed which you think deserves a mention?

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