Nearly at the home stretch now. With this, the vast bulk of the work is done. All that’s left it the DRAGOON system backpack and beam rifles. All the armour parts are done!

Not too bad really. I really do prefer the Chrome-ish grey look over the shiny gold which was supposed to be on the frame!

Not really much to tell on this stage. All the parts were simply sprayed with their respective colours, or something close to.

For the light blue parts, I used citadel Ultramarine blue. A bit darker than the standard colour the plastic came in, but I preferred it. For the Dark colours, I was fortunate enough to have some Tamiya Dark Mica blue spraypaint which I thought fit the bill perfectly.

The dark mica blue will also be used on the backpack. I just hope there’s enough left as the tamiya sprays are very hard to get a hold of these days!

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to paint the inner parts of the railguns gold, but since the part was originally the puke colour they called gold, i thought why not?

And yes, I even attempted to paint the little Kira figure, badly… I don’t think a fine enough paintbrush exists which will allow me to paint that well, but it could have been worse, I think…

The above pic also shows the small amount of glitter which is a property of the dark mica blue colour. It only shows up in strong light, else it simply looks like very dark blue.

A close up of the face and air vents, which I chose to keep as gold.

So which do you prefer?

After this comes the DRAGOON system. Not much work in terms of volume (when compared to the main body), but I’m sure it’s going to give me all kinds of grief!