Stuff happens…

Sods law struck just before this update when I ran out of spray paint for 1 last remaining wing. So unfortunately, the completion of strike freedom, which was supposed to be todays post, has been delayed while I get more paint.

To make matters more annoying, my usual model shops no longer stock any Tamiya spray paints (most likely because they are extremely toxic and probably prone to abuse by little kids). Luckily, I braved the internet to find 1 shop which stocks the required paint so I should be able to finish this project soon. In the meantime, we have comparison pics!

The upper gold parts were coloured using gold gundam marker. I wanted to use my usual technique of painting the part silver and then using yellow ink to get a very vibrant gold colour, but I learned from past experiences that it is not applicable in these sorts of cases as they scratch very easily and the wings do not allow for repair work. The gundam marker paint is more resistant to scratching off but isn’t as shiny as the chrome part. I think it’s a good compromise and it certainly looks better than what it was originally.

A close up shows the parts up a little better.

I also painted the Dragoon parts but they’re not 100% finished yet so I’ll save those for later. But I did manage to finish the beam rifles as well!

Not much to note about the weapons. The base was originally a dark blue colour but I decided to spray it charcoal grey as that seemed more suited for the weapon. A layer of varnish helps to prevent the paint from scratching off when the guns are combined. Otherwise, it was a simple case of matching the colour of the parts with whatever I had.

Hopefully, my spraypaint won’t take too long to arrive. There is very little to do now anyway. Only 2 more wings to spray and a few touchups before this little project is over!