Yeah, I know I said there would be no updates for christmas but then it’s not quite christmas yet, and I’ll probably forget by the time I find a moment to write this up again.

In any case, Some kind folk have already subbed the first episode of macross Frontier!!

I won’t go into the whole “how the subs are” issue, I’ll leave that to others but how was the show? pretty DAMN COOL!!

But this is only the first ep and Kawamori is at the helm so caution is advised (yes, I just dissed Kawamori, I could write a separate post about the more recent shows he’s been involved in and how they just became nonsensical at the end after some promising starts (*cough* Macross zero, Aquarion *cough*) If anyone want to moan, please direct it to the nearest brick wall!)

And after that item which was perilously close to a rant, the good…

  • The fight, although being TV budget CG, was really well done! It still stood out quite a bit so you can really tell it’s CG, but I really didn’t care!
  • Music is awesome! I personally think that ppl give Yoko Kanno too much credit (basing a show around her alone is just asking for trouble. I’m looking at you , wolf’s rain), but she does some excellent work, no doubt about that!!
  • Character relations are already set up and feel more fleshed out than those seen in M7 or even zero!!!
  • Back to the fights, they really felt like a cross between macross zero and macross plus, but given that the dogfights in zero were the best parts, I’m not complaining!

As I said before, it’s too early to tell if the show is going to be any good, and I am cautious of any “humans ruining the planet” themes which are turning into a Kawamori main staple or any weapons based on “music energy” but I’m really digging what I’ve seen so far.

Also, as an added bonus, the end theme was was a remix of Ai, Oboitemasuka? (Do you remember love?) Nice touch!!

For those interested, english subbed ep can be found here