Buying figures and kits used to be easy… It used to be that I would see one kit and it would almost speak to me. It would block out all the other figures and kits of the same character and would be “the one”

Even figures released after wouldn’t quite match the one I originally picked. A good example would be bubbas bunny haruhi. When I first saw that, I went all out to get one and even after seeing such kits as CobraKais rendition, I still thought that the bubba version was better, despite it being less dynamic and interesting. It just had that magic touch.


Case in point, Vispo has shown a near complete version of his Gurren Lagann Yoko (post time skip) on his website. And it looks impressive to say the least!

I do believe that this feeling building up inside me is… Desire! And this is AFTER I bought the kotobukiya resin kits!! My rules of kit buying are falling apart before my eyes!!!

Still, I’m not sure if the “vs tepparin” Yoko is better than this one, which makes it even worse. Why can’t we go back to the old days where there was the “one for me” feeling instead of cheating and getting several dozen kits of the same character? Guess I could try and sell my Vs AntiSpiral kit after I’m done but that makes me feel dirty, and I don’t think i’d get a good price for it. orz

More pics of Yoko can be found here. His Asuka Racing ver2 also looks sweet but I think the original is better