Another new season is here so I thought I would just post my watch list for this season as well as the impromptu awards for last season!

The Awards!

Best Show: Minami-Ke

No outright winner this time round and the shows were more contested but none really hit the high point like Gurren Lagann did before it.

Minami-Ke wins overall simply because it was consistently fun  to watch.

Runner up: Bamboo Blade.

Most improved: Shakugan No Shana 2

After a really poor start, it started to come alive and I’m looking forward to how the show will progress in the 2nd half. And they’re touching on the “silver!” YAY!!

Worst Ending: Prism Ark

Q: How do you screw up an ending when you already have a half decent and complete plot to follow?  

A: I don’t know, ask the guys who made this!!!

This show would also be the winner of the “Show in most need of a second season” award!!

The show itself wasn’t too bad. After a really confusing start, things slowed down a little, more focus was added and it started to appear like a regular, no frills anime show. The only problem is that they didn’t get very far. The ending was incredibly rushed and inconclusive. I have also been told that the series didn’t even cover half of the complete Precia route from the game, Heck, they didn’t even get back to the battle they showed in the very first ep! Now that was inept!!!

It desperately needs a second season to finish the story but I doubt it will get it as it’s not exactly a major in the popularity stakes. As it is, this is the worst adaptation from an eroge ever!! Yup, it even beats Shingetsutan Tsukihime!!!!

Biggest Disappointment: Oh! My Goddess: Fighting wings

First, I should go on the record to say that this Special wasn’t too bad. It’s just that I had higher expectations from it so it ended up being more disappointing than the other, which I expected little from.

Plot-wise, the show covered the “angel eater” arc as expected since Lind featured prominently in the promotional stuff, not to mention the title. The content itself covered the events in the manga pretty closely, but the problem is what happens after! The makers completely ignored the “Velsper” arc (which I think would have made a good end point for the 2nd season) which set things up for a neat resolution for all the loose ends of the “angel eater” arc.

Since there is no Velsper, at the end of the special, Belldandy now has 2 full angels to support, which she is unable to with no way to resolve the problem. (Lind was an exception as each of her angels individually are weaker than a fully winged angel so she deals with less stress).  I guess that you could blame poor planning, and it’s not like they’ve dug the hole too deep to get out of but it just doesn’t sit well with me.

Biggest Surprise: Clannad 

I like it! Crap, did I just admit that? In any case, this show has turned out to be much better than I had expected. A bug surprise considering how apathetic I was towards Kanon. Clannad even managed to tug a heart string or 2 and almost had me shedding a tear, that alone is worth a mention!

That’s the Award part done, And now for the watch list.

The ones continuing from last season are:

  •  Gundam 00
  • Shakugan No Shana 2
  • Clannad
  • Dragonaut – the resonance
  • Bamboo Blade

And for the new shows…

Must watch


Yup, there are no new shows in my “must watch” list. Guess that shows the state of the season I guess… Just wait till spring tho.

Entertaining but meh 

Clannad – Yep, it got promoted! Still not “must watch” material tho!

Minami-ke Okawari

Literally “second helping,” this is the second season of Minami-ke, with the entire staff, save for the voice actors, changed. The result is… something different. I’ll leave the viewers to make their own choice on the matter but I believe that the first season was vastly superior.

Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino

I really enjoyed the first season of GSG, so I had high hopes for this show, but right off the bat, the signs are not looking good. It just seems to be lacking a certain something which the first season had and it doesn’t hit the same buttons. I’ll stick with it for now to see if things improve but I wasn’t too impressed by the first few eps.

H2O: footprints in the sand

Another Eroge adaptation, I’m not quite sure why I started watching this show, but it grabbed me almost immediately by showing a couple of guys beating up a young girl. Not something you see everyday. After that, I just found myself with an interest in what was going on in the show. plus, one of the main girls, Hayami Kotohina, is blatantly a Tsundere, so I’m sold on that point!

They are my Noble Masters

A show with more than a passing similarity to “Hayate the combat butler”, with some “he is my master” thrown in for good measure. It’s safe to say that this show isn’t going to win any originality awards but it has me entertained so I’m sticking with it for now. Depending on how well it holds against Hayate, we’ll see if I continue with it but for now, having such bits like the Ren and colonel having a G-gundam-esque fistfight while sharing the same VAs as Domon and Master Asia definitely gives it brownie points!

Persona: trinity soul

Loosely based off the Game “persona 3” on the PS2, you would think that the first reaction would be to avoid it like the plague.

But if you did, you would be missing out. Only a few eps in and it shows just enough intrigue to make me continue watching. The show is not without faults tho.

I, for one, am sad that they removed the game method for characters to summon their  personas. In the anime, the personas simply appear! Then again, Aiming a gun to their heads and shooting themselves may not be the best method for TV viewings. Would have made an awesome WTF moment tho!!!

Why am I watching this? 


A true mystery. I just randomly decided to start downloading this show, even though it started last season and I find myself getting the next ep. There is no reason for why tho…

Nothing really happens in the show, everything just feels static. If I could answer why I continue to watch this show, I’d probably finally find out the answer to why I watch Marimite as well!!!


Not really my type of show. I’m watching it purely on the strength of the cast and crew behind the show. We’ll see if that is enough to make me continue.

I’m also on the fence for starting True Tears. I get the feeling that I have enough Boy-meets-girl shows, esp the ones based on an eroge for this season. That’s it from me for this season, what about the rest of you?

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