A while back, it was announced that a new Super robot wars game was in development. Dubbed Endless frontier: super robot wars saga, it was going to be unlike any SRW game before it. It was going to be a more traditional RPG like game using characters from the Original Generation universe (or rather, the originals from the SRW compact series) but in a completely different universe. No mecha piloting (although some will be present as allies or enemies). Oh, and there’s some genderbending going on too as the Exellen character is now male and Kyosuke is female.

So far so Meh. but then we found out that Monolith was developing. Those who made Xenosaga and NamcoxCapcom? So what does this mean?

Yup, we get KOSMOS and the 2 original NamcoxCapcom characters Reiji and Xiaumu in the game. Now it’s gone from “meh” to “sort of want.”It hasn’t totally convinced me yet but I think I’ll be keeping a closer eye on this game from now on.

Unfortunately, with the addition of KOSMOS, it seems unlikely that this game will see a western release now as the Xenosaga series are the property of BandaiNamco, so any Western publisher who wants to release the game will need to pony up more cash to get permission. Unless, BandaiNamco decide to release the game, but they didn’t bother with the SRW: OG games, we had to rely on Atlus!!

Japanese import sites ahoy!