Painting parts the same colour is boring! Esp whey you have to do it several times in order to get a good finish! And that’s where I find myself with C.C. Although things have progressed a little further that that now, but in my sheer boredom of painting large pieces white and then white again, I decided to start on WildFalken which I bought from orbital Manga on Saturday.

Then I started thinking, just how quickly could I finish a kit and give it a full works in terms of a paintjob?

Then answer, Less than 1/2 a day. Or more precisely, I began working on Falken at roughly 5:30pm on Sunday afternoon and finished at 1am Monday morning. So that’s 7 1/2 hrs, factoring in points just as having a meal, reading manga while waiting for paint to dry, working on C.C simultaneously, etc I’d say less than 5hrs of work.

The result?

For those who do not know where this gorgeous mecha is from, this is WildFalken from the Super robot wars series. It made it’s debut in SRW alpha 2 and has since been seen in SRW alpha 3, Original Generation 2, OGS and OG Gaiden. It’s one half of a pair with WildWurger forming the other half (Yes, I have Wurger too) and is Piloted By Seolla Schweizer. The 2 are designed to work in tandem, with Wurger acting as short/mid ranged attacker and Falken providing long range support.

But enough of the history lesson, More pics!!

Not much of a “how to” this time round as this really was a speed job! I used a combination of steps which can be found in the tutorial at fitchenfoo and Danny Choos own”gundam building for busy people”

The parts were washed the day before to remove the grime on the parts. This was a 5 minute job but doing it overnight allowed the parts plenty of time to dry! The next day, the various parts were sprayed with their respective colours. Citadel enchanted blue and ultramarine blue was used for the light and dark parts respectively and the (oddly) brown joint parts were sprayed grey. The white parts were left as they were.

The parts were then put together and sealed with varnish. before detailing began.

A comparison pic showing how it looked before and after detailing can be found below. It was mostly just adding some colour to certain areas, such as the white marks on the shoulders and knees.

There were some liberties taken with this number. Panel lines were not drawn in, although it didn’t have many anyway, and some cut marks were not sanded down so a complete smooth finish but they aren’t too noticeable. Overall though, I think it turned out fairly well considering the time spent on it. I don’t think I’ll be able to do the same with WildWurger though…

The SRW kits are made by Kotobukiya, they who also made the Armoured core models like the one in an earlier blog post. How does the WildFalken compare?

it actually shares many problems which plagued the Armoured core models. On the down side there are a fair few parts which are very small and easy to lose. Poseablility is also a major problem, but at least it doesn’t have the knee problem of my Armoured core model.

I was hoping for at least the same poseability as the 1/144 Gundam seed models, but alas, that was not to be.

Yep, that’s really as far as the parts will bend. Don’t even think about doing dynamic poses with this thing as the main weapon, the oversized oxtongue rifle doesn’t allow for much room to move either.

They also didn’t provide any stickers or decals, so any additional detailing must be done by hand with paint.

On the plus side, the unit looks exactly as the WildFalken should. And the mecha is really pretty…

However, I would advise against just snapping the model kit together, as I don’t think it would look very appealing if left unpainted…

So it looks like Kotobukiya still have a long way to go before they can match the masters at bandai, but it’s a decent effort. We’ll see how their 1/100 models fare when I get around to building Alteisen! But for now, it’s back to C.C, that is if my airbrush behaves…