Man, this was a mission!!!

After several weeks of painting, more painting and several mishaps I’ve managed to get the bulk of the project done!

Amazingly, for weeks of work, not that much seems to have been done. Don’t be fooled!! This monster is far more trouble than it appears!!

Many thanks go to Melonpan over at for posting pics of his completed gathering C.C from E2046. With those, I was able to figure out where all the accursed belt parts went and how they all fit together!!! There are still checks and tidy-up to do before I move onto the next part, which should be more interesting than the “all white” painting I’ve been doing on this kit up till now.

The white parts took several attempts to get right and there are still imperfections even now. After attempting to paint them individually using standard acrylics, I realised I’d be there for ages (it took over 4 layers to get something even close to white) so I cheated and used Citadel white primer to get the parts white. It had several advantages over the airbrush method.

  • 1) it was much faster to cover the parts that size
  • 2) It only took one or 2 layers to completely cover over the initial grey primer!

It was not without it’s fair share of problems though. The paint itself was very thick (I believe C.C may have some extra mass around her thighs and they’re not from excessive eating of Pizza…) and did not always dry uniformly.

The thickness of the paint also didn’t help when I stuck the parts together.

As you can see in the above pic, there’s alot of green stuff. That was putty I had to use to fill the gaps between the leg and body parts.

Yup, there was a massive gap up there too. In any case, after the gaps were filled, the parts had to be painted white again, with the putty showing some fierce resistance to accepting the colour white! But after several layers, it looked uniform.

After the legs were done, I worked on the arms. or rather 1 arm, the right one. I also tried some experimenting with a different colour background which didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped.

And here’s a similar angle with the white.

I think I’ll stick to the white background. What do you guys think?

Shot of the back. Some of you may notice the gap where the elbow is. That was filled using white filler instead of putty. It’s not as good (too powder like) but it served it’s purpose of making the gap less obvious as the area is mostly blocked from view by the left arm.

The belts themselves were just evil. I managed to stick the parts to the body and eachother as they are meant to but the process was very messy and time consuming, esp since you had to do several parts in 1 go or else you would not be able to adjust the position to accommodate the rest. Luckily, the epoxy putty wasn’t difficult to remove while it was still drying and the small excess dried to be colourless. Either way, that is something I don’t want to have to do again for a while…

The end of the project is in sight, just the arms and head left now. Hopefully, they will be more straightforward.