On another break from working on C.C (I’m now on the part I dislike most, the eyes! Although, at this point, I’ll take anything over having to spray the body white again) and I have managed to finish the brother unit of WildFalken. This is WildWurger!!

Wildwurger is a mecha which is geared towards mid/close range combat. It’s purpose is to smash through the enemies while WildFalken provides long range support from behind. The 2 units also have a joint attack called the Twin Bird Strike. Both units have appeared in the same games Thus far.

Unsurprisingly, considering the closeness of the 2 units, the pilot of Wildwurger, Arado Balanga, is very close to Seolla, the pilot of WildFalken

That’s the background info, now for more pics and model review!!

First, it has to be said that, in terms of painting and overall work, Wurger is much harder than Falken!! It retains the same level of detail which impressed me before but unfortunately, has the same problems as it’s sister unit!

First and foremost, this model kit cannot be posed!!

In a slight reversal, the legs of Wildwurger bends much better than those of Falken, but the arms are severely restricted in movement. But the number of armaments is pretty damn impressive!

On the left arm we have a triple barreled gattling gun which also serves as a holster for a sword. The sword itself can get in the way from time to time but nothing too serious.

On the right arm, we have the stag beetle crusher, shown above in it’s open form. Unfortunately, due to the severe restrictions in arm movement, there isn’t much you can do with this weapon, other than the pose above and below…

There were a few odd choices in the design as well…

This is a closeup shot of the ankle. Notice the tubing? that had to be cut to size and inserted manually into a very small hole. Sufficed to say it was very difficult and served no real purpose…

But in the end, Wurger pretty much proved to be more of the same as Falken. It doesn’t come close to matching the flexibility of the Bandai gundam kits but it has a greater attention to detail. Overall, however, just like WildFalken, I wouldn’t recommend this kit, or any other 1/144 SRW kit to anyone who isn’t willing to put up with at least some work after it has been put together as it looks even worse than Falken straight out of the box…

Kotobukiya have a long way to go… Should be interesting to see how their 1/100 kits fare.

And for a final bonus, here’s a youtube video of the “twin bird strike”

For any SRW fans reading this blog, which do you prefer? Twin bird strike or Rampage Ghost?