Winter WonFest is next week and Heisei Democracy has posted up some of the early pickings which will be up for grabs at the event!! a few interesting kits including the Vispo Yoko which I posted about a while back!

Gone off the completed version a little. More pics can be found here. Is it just me, or does her face look a little funny? And there’s more than a hint of :3 in there too!!

Vispo will also be selling the version 2 of his Asuka and bike kit, but I think the first one is superior.

Winter Wonfest is shaping up to be a show for Yoko as the has the most prominent showing in terms of kits. Not all of them good either… I think that my Kotobukiya kits are actually still the best out there.

Aside from those, there are a couple which piqued my interest but not sure if I’d buy them yet.

83℃ has posted up an interesting Signum from Nanoha StrikerS after her fusing with Agito (ep 26. The wings of flame are cool but I’m not a fan of the colour scheme. I could change it, but I don’t know what I would change it to…

Little pink summer will be showing Mizusawa Mao from KimiKiss. A nice kit in a “plain” way but I don’t think I like Kimikiss enough to get one. But Mao-neechan is cool!!

Takenoko Factory answered my Prayers and will be releasing a Fate T Halaown from nanoha StrikerS in Riot Zanber form!!! wee!!! 2 problems tho, 1 the pose isn’t too great and 2) it’s the single zanber mode, not the dual wield… Damn…

Maybe I should just get the swimsuit version from DNG (Which is blatantly based off the pic used on a pencil board freebie given in Megami Magazine a few months back).

Bottom line, however, is that there are a few mildly interesting kits announced, but none have the “must have” factor for me. I’ll keep an eye on the Vispo yoko and the 2 fate kits (I’ll have a better Idea about whether or not I’ll go for them when they are complete) but here’s hoping that one of the other kit builders is going to announce something closer to the date which will blow me away!

But what about you guys? anything pique your interest? Is there a particular kit you would get if you could build it yourself?