The end is near!!!  And while it would be a lie to say that I hated painting this kit, It’s not an experience I am in any rush to repeat (says the person who also bought the YoikoQ C.C figure at the summer wonderfestival)

Ignoring the rather morbid premise of a pic of a dismembered head, you can see that the head is now completed. When I last posted about C.C, the hands and head were still incomplete.

I decided to paint the nails pink just to highlight the fingertips. Otherwise the hands looked very bland. As for the head, the Geass mark on the forehead was both the hardest thing I had done in a while, due to it’s very small size and precise requirements and also the most pointless thing I have done on a kit…

Look at the completed head pic again. Can you see the Geass mark? I doubt it because  the hair covers it completely! I noticed this when I bought the kit but I had hoped that I would be able to heat up the part and bend the hair in order to make the forehead visible. Unfortunately, the thickness of the hair strands made sure that wasn’t going to happen…

The eyes followed almost the exact same steps as outlined in my previous Mina kit but without the lighter colour rim on the inside of the eye. Since C.C has yellow eyes, an even lighter colour wouldn’t show up very clearly so I left it as just a single yellow block.

The hair came in 6 parts in total! The pic above shows the 3 parts which make up the very back of the head. Large gaps between them meant that putty was essential before the painting process began to ensure that the gaps could not be seen.

And this pic shows the various parts in their separate forms, save for the 3 parts in the very back which have been stuck together. For the hair colour, I sprayed the parts with Tamiya Park green initially and then stuck them all together. Park green was a fairly dark colour though, so it needed to be lightened later.

The final pic shows how the larger hair part in the previous pic fits in with the rest. It was an interesting design choice and one which game the hair the illusion of much greater volume! Just make sure you don’t miss any parts before putting them together because you will never be able to paint all the parts after they’re stuck!

After the parts were done up, before the final stage of sticking it to the head, the hair was lightly sprayed with tamiya bright green. And when I say bright i mean BRIGHT!! the stuff was almost luminous, but it did manage to lighten the hair to a brighter shade, although I’m not entirely convinced that it’s bright enough. I may go back and add an extra layer, although I don’t want it to look too bright like most ppl have done.

With this completed, all that’s left is touch up (and the extra paintjob for the hair) and then C.C will be completed, so look forward to the finished product very soon!