The release of Triggerheart Exelica on Xbox Live has now been set for tomorrow!!! YAY!!!

It was initially announced last year alongside many of the other shmups, But, for myself, I say you cam keep your Omega five (which was sorely lacking IMO), your Ikarugas and even your Rez. For me , Exelica is where it’s at. I don’t care that it’s been announced for the Japanese Live arcade thus far. That won’t stop me from getting it!

I have a copy of the Dreamcast version and I love it to bits. I suck badly (can only get to stage 4 of 5 before losing all my lives in the space of a few minutes) but damn it’s fun. Music is awesome too. I hope they keep the Dreamcast remixes in there.  Gamplay footage from youtube for those interested. Me, I’m just going to download it as soon as I can and see just how much my skill has dropped since I last played this gem!