Lelouche did…

And a little devil she was to paint as well!!

This was probably the first time I was happy to paint the eyes on a kit before! Of course, the final assembly of the head caused a whole load of problems and I ended up having to redo the face and hair several times before coming to a compromise…

Thanks again to Melonpan over at Figure.fm, who’s pics of the E2046 C.C allowed me to figure out how everything stuck together!

For those who would like to see my past posts about her, you can find them here:

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There wasn’t much to go through this time as there were no complicated parts, just troublesome.

From above, you can see that the strap wraps around the left arm, something you can’t figure out from the front shot.

All hail the “Pizza Butt”!!!!

This back shot gives a slightly better feel for the complexity of the hair as you can see what the maker tried to do with the feeling of multiple layers.

The last 2 shots shows that you can just about see the red Geass mark on her forehead, but it’s not easy and you need to get in pretty damn close. They also let you see the problem areas I had around the eyes…

And there you have it. C.C. did give me quite a load of grief but it was still an experience. One I will have to repeat eventually, when I finally get my YoikoQ C.C figure from japan…

It will also serve to remind me that the easiest looking kits can also be some of the most taxing, not necessarily difficult, but still a challenge.