I managed to get a hold of a PC with a working internet connection temporarily so I can post something!!!

A fair few things happened while I was gone, Play.com live came and went at wembley and I was sorely disappointed in the whole thing. The only cool stuff at hand was soul calibur 4 (which only had 2 playable characters and was far from finished) and rock band (dammit, where’s the UK release?) the rest was totally forgettable. plus rock band taught us a lesson in what NOT to buy. don’t get the 360 version guys!! the controllers kept disconnecting so it was impossible to play the game properly for most ppl!

Heck, even the main stage was affected when they did a Rock band competition. One minute, the band was playing learn to fly by the foo fighters, the next minute, the game paused itself to wait for someone to reconnect their controller… Not a good sign for the 360. I also saw several frozen displays for 360 titles too. No red rings of death tho…

stuff started to happen in gundam 00 which has made me interested in the show again. Lockon, lockon!

and Sekirei was announced as having an anime series in production!! YAY!!!! Animated Tsukiumi!!! There will be hell to pay if they make this series suck *tries to forget the bad manga adaptations of similar shows, such as ikkitousen, tenjo tenge, air gear (for the fanservice)*

and while I was missing on all this, it was nice having a break from blogging and wondering what I would put up for the weeks post. Not that it means that I was putting my feet up and playing tonnes of video games… OK I was, but I have been doing some modelling too.

Wanna see?

(P.S. Regular blogging should recommence very soon (maybe). it took ages for my phone line to be connected but it should be plain sailing from here! I haven’t given up on this blog yet!!!)