Well, I said I would do it, so I did! Most of the preliminary steps have been completed now. the parts fits were pretty good for the most part. The pics below show what the larger parts assembled look like, with the areas where I needed to putty to fill in the gaps.

It wasn’t all fun and games though. There were a couple of things which threw me off.

The first thing was the 2 parts of the jacket. I had read about it before from other websites but I didn’t think I’d actually encounter the problem myself…

As you can see, when you put the 2 parts together, there’s a massive gap between them. So how do we solve this? you could putty the gap but the size means that the putty won’t hold particularly well. So in this instance, I had to heat up the parts and bend them so that they fit closer together before we add the putty. Normally, this would be ill advised but because the parts are relatively thin, some heat will allow it to be moulded slightly but don’t expect to be able to make drastic changes to the parts.

You can either use a hair dryer to heat up a certain area or put the part in hot water if you’re going to bent the whole thing. Cody Kwok has a good tutorial about this on his website.  After the parts were bent closer together, the now smaller gap can then be filled with putty!

The pic below shows the back of the “completed” figure. I just hope that the detail of the gurren logo is still evident enough for me to paint…

The second headache was an aesthetic choice. When you first see the shoulders of Yoko, you will see that the straps for her bikini hug tightly to her  skin. Anyone who has seen (or worn) a bikin will know that this is not the case, the strap should be more taut!

I tried to take a pic of the straps but they didn’t come up too well. In any case, I decided to sand off the moulded bikini straps and make my own using some metal rods and putty.

I just cut some thin wire to size and stuck them where the edge of the bikini straps should have been. That gave me a decent bridge to place the putty on, although I think I’ll use modelling clay next time. The pic below shows what I tried to achieve.

Now, the straps look taut and don’t stick to yoko’s figure. That’s pretty much all the mods I did for this little number. At present, the parts are cleaned, primed and ready for paint. I decided to do the rifle separately, after the main body has been completed.