True to their word, Gonzo have released the first episode of their 2 shows, the tower of Druaga:The Aegis of Uruk and Blassreitter on several streaming video sites with english Subtitles. And Decent subs at that!!!

Having watched both, from first ep impressions Druaga would seem to be the better show. I was laughing all the way thru the show with it’s parodies of all the generic set pieces such as the prelude to death sections and the tentacle monster!

However, I’m doubtful that they will be able to maintain that sort of structure for the whole show so we’ll have a better picture of what the show will be like within the coming weeks.

In that sense, Blassreitter was a much more standard fare with the first ep giving you a basic idea of the world the show is set in and what to expect in later eps. It was a little disappointing (Gonzo over reliance on CG was evident here) but it seems interesting enough to keep up for another few weeks. So the streamed release with english subs were a success, Shame the same can’t be said for the downloading process.

Crunchyroll are providing avi files for download for those who want it with a “name your price” system similar to what radiohead did with their last album “in rainbows.” A good idea, afterall, no matter how convenient the streaming is, the quality will always be pretty damn poor. With the chance to download the file, viewers get the chance to watch the show in decent quality and keep a copy for themselves!!

At least that’s what supposed to happen!!! I tried to download the first ep of Blassreitter and it’s been a nightmare. Problems with paypal donations meant that I had to use my own card, which I would have preferred not to and after jumping through hoops, I got a download link to get the file, which DIDN’T WORK!!!

So at present, I have no file to watch!! I’m donating to thank gonzo for the show but if it was to donate soley for crunchyroll then I don’t think I’d even go to the site again, let alone donate! More testing should have been done to make sure that problems like this shouldn’t happen. I makes their site look really bad and it also reflects poorly on gonzo, even though they have nothing to do with the issue.

Gonzo, if you’re reading this (not stinking likely, but hey) next time you have a good idea like this one, make sure you partner up with people who can do this thing properly!!!!

For readers who want to donate and download the eps, DON’T!!! Wait it out until the problems are all fixed, if ever.
Shame really, if it went off without a hitch, this could have been a big step in the right direction for western anime distribution.