And now we return to what the blog was initially started for, MODEL KITS!!! It’s been several weeks since my last update on the progress of Yoko so if I didn’t have something to show for it, it would be safe to start worrying…

So she’s starting to take shape now. The jacket is giving me a little difficulty as I can’t quite get the colour right. But I think I’ll be able to nail that soon.

I did the top and bottom half separately this time round and came across several setback. The most memorable one came when I noticed an imperfection on the base skin coating of the right thigh. After an attempt to fix it without damaging the undercoat, I ended up stipping the whole thing back down to the resin and having to do the entire thing all over again… Still not sure what happened there!

The red flame and zipper on the boots were hand painted. Iuckily, the flame marks were etched into the kit so i didn’t have to do them without assistance, something I haven’t done for a very very long time. The metal studs on the belt were also individually painted.

The hair ended up being quite simpleas I painted it a block colour of deep red. Red hair makes it quite difficult to do shading so I left it was it was this time round. The gold chopsticks in her hair were another matter as they didn’t fit into their places properly. I had to expand the gap in the hair part to make sure they fit and I also had to trim parts of the chopsticks off so they didn’t interfere in the connection between the ponytail and head.

That was one thing which struck me while building this kit. Although it’s an official, mass produced resin kit, quite a lot of work was needed to get parts fitting together, etc. Usually official kits sold my well known manufacturers don’t require much work in terms of preparation of parts fit adjustments. My Kazami Mizuho is proof of that, I hardly needed to do a thing with her.

One thing I can’t fault the kit on, however, is the attention to detail. This pic shows it more clearly than the other back pic but you can see the bow where the bikini top is tied. Once complete, that part will be completely obscured by the jacket but they decided to add it anyway!!

And a side shot to show the bikini strap mod in colour!

And here’s a close up of the bikini front to finish. You can marvel at the flame design (which again, was etched into the part to provide guidelines when painting) or just oggle Yoko’s pair of “eyes.”

I think I’ll be doing the eyes last. I haven’t glued the front hair part yet so it’s easily removable. One thing I haven’t mentioned as that I added a second peg on the legs to provide more stability as, even this early on, the kit is very top heavy and doesn’t balance well. the pegs should make sure that it doesn’t fall over. something which occurred while only having 1 peg to balance on… After the jacket, I intend to start of the rifle. I’m not sure if I’m going to do any mods on it like others have but we’ll just have to wait and see. The sunglasses will also prove to be a major sticking point…