Man, has it really been 2 months since I got this figure? Looks like her re-release has come and gone as well…

In any case, here is the first Shuraki Figure, Mishiro Akatsuki (and despite the name, I’m pretty sure that she can’t reflect beam attacks off her skin)

I’ll keep the review pretty short as pretty much everyone has Mishiro by now and there are already good reviews available.

One thing I will note, however, is that, despite being a second run of this figure, all the faults and imperfections which were noted in earlier reviews are still present in this one. You would think that Goodsmile would try and resolve some of these issues…

I’m sure every figure collector knows of the Shuraki series by now, as well as the difficulty in grabbing one for the initial preorders.

Mishiro was actually the first one released and, so far only herself and the second figure, Ryu Meifeng, have been announced as having re-issues. I haven’t taken the time to even try to go through the audio CD or the booklet properly (my poor knowledge of japanese won’t get me far anyway) but I have managed to figure out that she was a generic schoolgirl personality until she was attacked by another Shuraki (the artwork strongly suggests that it was Char). She has a second personality within her which comes out and the second personality is very proficient with weapon fighting and is rather bloodthirsty, totally at odds with Mishiros personality.

My attempts at obtaining Mishiro was also the cause of much frustration which was documented in my post for Char Rhoussman. But pushing that aside, how is she?

Not bad, but not fantastic either. I must admit that I was not as overwhelmed by Mishiro as I was with Char (though neither can compare to a decently painted resin kit) and there were a few things which stood out compared to Char which did not bode favourably for Mishiro. But there were some good points!

First up, is the extra bits of detail in the figure. Pry yourself from the pair of “eyes” in the above pic and focus on the damaged sections of the clothing. You can see black marks on the edges which denote battle damage. I have found that most figures simply show the damaged clothing as roughly torn but otherwise clean. So this was a nifty bonus.

Also, as noted by other reviewers, She’s a pretty good deal when you factor in the Audio CD and booklet.

And there’s always the cast-off feature.

So that’s the good, what about the bad?

Well, ignoring the issues regarding seam lines and smudges on the body, which are production issues, there is one major issue I found while doing this photoshoot or just doing the cast off in general.

Unlike Char, Mishiro feels very much like that the figure was designed around the clothing as opposed to the other way around.

With Char, the body was essentially molded into one part, with the only connections being easily hidden by the gauntlets she wore. The clothing was easily removable without having to do much with the main body.

Mishiro, on the other hand, requires that the arms be detached from the body in order to slide the upper body into and out of the clothing. That brings about the first problem. You’re forced to attach the arms without being able to see where the connections are since they are hidden within the sleeves of the clothing. This means you end up pretty much poking around in the dark until you ding the fitting you are looking for.

The second issue is this…

The seams where the parts separate do not fit particularly well, so it’s very easy to see where the parts disconnect and it detracts from the overall look. Of course, one could just keep her fully clothed like I do, but then this wouldn’t be a balanced review (and I’m sure there are lots of collectors out there who want a little ecchi in their collection. Also, it’s not quite as noticeable from the front as the breasts do a good job of covering the seam. It’s also good that the breasts are fairly regular sized as opposed to Chars “boobie missiles.” Even now Char’s rather ample bust makes me go a little (o_O).

So that ends my review of Mishiro Akatsuki. A good kit but not great. In all fairness had I bought her in the first round, I probably would not have purchased the other Shuraki figures as well. Harsh? Maybe, but if you think that’s bad, just wait till i decide to do a review of Ignis the white… (still waiting for all 3 to be in my possession although i do actually own them).

And for the regulars, Yoko is currently undergoing final checks and tidy up. Expect her to grace the blog in next weeks update!