I’m sure that the world is pretty well aquainted with the fact that Europe is pretty much considered the toilet of the video game world. We usually get things much later than everyone else, we get charged more than any other region and ports were, until recently, pretty damn shoddy.

You would have thought that things would change eventually, with the big companies admitting that Europe is becoming more and more important in terms of global sales. But then there came the announcement for Rock Band.

For those of you who don’t know, in the UK, the game is still yet to be released even though the game has been released in the US for ages. Not only that, the game will initially be a 360 exclusive with wii and PS3 versions being released “later in the summer,” code for “September, if you’re lucky!” Coupled with this is the RRP. £50 for the game on it’s own and £130 for the instrument set, with no bundle for the 2 together!!! So thats £180 for the whole thing while over in the US, the full set costs around £85.

Luckily, even the retailers realise that this is a really dumb idea and have created their own bundles and lowered the prices themselves. I mean, Who the hell would want to buy a game which costs more than a freaking console? But the main kicker for me was the “summer” release date for the PS3 version. Having seen the 360 version fail numerous times at the play.com live event last month, I was not willing to risk purchasing gear which could mess up anytime in the middle of a song. Add to that, the RRP and I decided to import a PS3 version as a big F*** you to EA europe and Harmonix for thinking they could get away with that kind of pricing. 3 extra songs don’t come even close to compensation.

And I got it yesterday!!!

Yes it’s awesome. And yes, I didn’t save much in terms of overall costs when compared to some UK deals (in fact I paid a bit more at £160. mostly on shipping) but it was the principle of the whole thing!!

I spent a little more and got (arguably) the superior version, or at least, the most reliable one, several months before release and EA Europe won’t see a single penny from me!! It’s chump Change I know, but I wish that other buyers would rise up and kick them where it hurts them most, their wallets and send out the message that they took things WAAAY too far this time!

They claim that the price is fair due to VAT (17.5%), and manufacturing and delivery costs. If that’s true, then give us a break down and let us decide if it’s fair. As it stands, it looks to the consumer that they’re taking rip-off to a whole new level.

For now, I have rock band, the whole set faster and cheaper than the UK RRP and can buy DLC from the US site. I’d say that’s pretty damn good. so I’ll say this one more time just to make myself feel better…

F**K YOU EA!!!

*rant over*