I believe that a fair few visitors to this blog actually came from Figure.fm so you probably already know the news.

Danny Choo has decided to pull the plug on the figure.fm page and move the community over to his main page.

While I must admit that I disagree with the decision, I do understand the reasoning behind it.

I joined figure.fm a little over a year ago and it was always nifty seeing everyone elses purchases and it provided me with a good place to post my completed works and get opinions from people who had similar tastes to myself. In that respect, nothing will change with the move, but I will definitely miss the layout and general interface. It was slow to post but having large(ish) pics in the main page before going for the full sized ones. The new thumbnails are a bit too small to get a good idea of the figure.

Guess all this stuff is something to get used to. Is is true that the blogs and figures will get more exposure on the main page so I hope that the new visitors find something they like on my blog but I will always look back on my figure.fm days with fondness.

Farewell Figure.fm. You departed far too soon…