Despite Code Geass R2 being inferior to Macross Frontier in pretty much every respect *dodges thrown projectiles* it did get me in the mood for a Geass related model. So I dug this one up and finished it off over the long weekend.

Presenting the “white death.” 7th Generation Knightmare frame, Lancelot!

I bought this kit a while back (before Christmas) so I’m afraid that there’s no float system included in this release. Having said that, I will openly admit that I hate the Float pack!! As a practical tool it’s useful but it’s so damn ugly!!!! But I guess it would have been useful for certain photoshoots.

Above is what the Lancelot looked like after I did my preliminary painting while the parts were still on the sprue. I used the chance to experiment with a bit of colour mixing to come up with a better way to paint gold parts. I’m not entirely sure I was too successful but it was much easier to paint a more even coat this time round compared to my usual method of silver paint with yellow ink painted over it.

For this kit, I tried mixing the ink and silver (or in this case, chainmail) together and spraying.  The result was a mixed bag. It retained the shiny look which most gold paints lack but, is it just me, or is the gold colour… not that gold?

And after a bit of touching up and detailing, we got to the final product.

The Kit came with a fully loaded VARIS rifle which I felt was a little silly, since the full bore mode shown above, was hardly used in the anime. Instead, it was usually kept in low power mode to allow for short, rapid shots.

Maybe if I find the model dirt cheap, I’ll buy a second one and modify the VARIS for the smaller mode. Heck, I may even get the float system as well if I do that!

The lancelot also came with it’s 2 swords, but in a really lazy manner. Bandai decided to give 2 blades with the handles being changed when in either combat mode (with the hands molded to the grip) or stored mode in it’s sheath.

That makes painting a pain as it will constantly be scratched off as the handles are swapped and when it is taken out of the sheaths.

The red parts on the forearms also detach and can be connected to the main body via some rubber wiring provided in the kit. That was the more common attack from Lancelot during the series, although the 2 on the hips don’t fire like in the TV series.

And here’s the little Suzaku given to sit in the cockpit. It wasn’t as hard to paint him compared to the gundam pilots due to the difference in scale, which was a good thing.

But the kit was not without some issues. A lot of the parts were not molded in the correct colour, which really confused me when i was building it. almost all the parts in the cockpit save for the seat and pilot were molded in yellow plastic, which made no sense. It would have been easier if they put it with the other grey parts.

More seriously, however, is the fact that it feels inferior to the other offerings from bandai. And when I say that, I mean gundams!

Posability is an issue. While not as bad as the offerings from Kotobukiya, I’d say that the Lancelot is barely on par with 1/144 HG gundam Kits. Joints don’t quite move as far as you would like and you just wish it could do a little more!

I should have expected this really, since the MG Griffon Flight type was also very disappointing when compared to the gundam offerings. You would think Bandai would be able to give a more comparable service for the kits based on other properties instead of keeping all the good stuff for it’s flagship series.

Although one nifty thing is that they made the lancelot compatible with the 1/100 action stands!

I guess this is the point where having a Float pack would have been cool but I don’t regret it!

There’s a small hole under the cockpit where the connector is. Pretty clever move by bandai. Shame they didn’t make the kit in general more on par with the gundams.

And that’s the end of this post. Not sure What I’ll do next. There’s one kit which has been begging for me to take a crack at it for a while and since I’m still overflowing with confidence after finishing Yoko a couple of weeks ago (tho lacking a little in the drive department) I may go for that one. Then again, Yamato recently announced that they were going to produce a PVC version of my cerberus Project Ignis I bought from Wonderfestival last year…

So maybe I should do that instead. Damn them for making a PVC out of one of my resin kit purchases… It’s depressing knowing that it’ll be available cheaply when I had to fight tooth and nail for mine and pay a premium too!