And so, what it my main project at the moment? This…

Ignis from Cerberus Project. You know? the one which Yamato has recently announced that they were going to make into a PVC kit?

Man, I still remember the hard time I had trying to find one of these babies after last years summer Wonderfestival. Had to pay a pretty penny for it as well! And now it’s coming out as a cheap PVC… orz

well, good luck to them. They’re probably going to need it (yes, I am a little bitter about the announcement. This is the first kit I have bought which has been (or rather will be) converted into a PVC figure, which lowers it’s overall value). The pic above shows the model after pinning and most of the flash removed and sanded out. There are some seam lines left which will need to be taken care of, but cleanup has been pretty good this time round.

One thing I love about the kit is that the dynamic pose really allows for lots of photographs at different angles. You can do it with any of my kits, but this is the first which gives you a feeling that you are looking at a completely different figure just by changing the viewing angle.  A kit like this is good once in a while!

However, the prebuild  did highlight some faults in the design, namely the weight distribution! Even though the base is quite large and wide, the pose means that the center of gravity is too far forward so the kit is always in danger of falling forwards without support. In fact, you can blow the thing over! Yamato, as well as figuring out how to resolve any of the many possible leaning problems with their PVC version will also desperately need to weigh down the tentacle base if they want any kind of stability in their figure!! It also means that I’m going to have to give Ignis a solid base, which I wasn’t initially planning on doing as I thought she would be more stable on her own.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the PVC version is going to command a relatively very high price due to the materials needed to make it.

Painting wise, I don’t foresee any problems with Ignis, in fact, she looks like a lot of fun. The Cast-off feature may cause a headache though as I don’t want the paint to scratch off. Varnish should fix that problem, but after the issue I had with Yoko…

The main issue is going to be with the tentacle base. I don’t have any experience with painting anything quite like a tentacle monster so that will prove a challenge as I need to make it look disgusting but still completely living…

I think I’ll paint that first before going on to the main body. Lots of pink, purple and dark blue is in order, i think!