So yesterday, I went along with a friend to the London Expo which was being held at the Excel Center in the docklands. I tend to avoid events like that as I don’t really have that much interest in the special events held and such but I thought I’d go to 1 for the experience and see what they had to offer.

Looks like I didn’t miss much…

The event itself was pretty much for cosplayers who massed outside the event, and I really dislike cosplay. So I hope that people who read this blog don’t get too offended when I start rolling off the bad ones. Kudos for those who enjoy doing it and even greater kudos to those who pull it off well, but the ratio of good-to-bad was not pretty…

There were some really good points tho. For a start, the cosplay of Hard Gay wins everything, without even trying. Like Chuck Norris.

There were some good Code Geass cosplays too. Cornelia and Guilford were the best, but the group also had their shares of not-so-good.

And we have a shout-out to orbital comics!! Rock on guys!! Believe in us who believe in you!!! Rock Haruhi also says Hi.

but what about the expo itself?

The queue to get in was massive so if I were to go to another one, I would definitely order my ticket beforehand. The time spent in the queue was almost as long as the time spent in the actual expo!!!

Inside the venue, there were mainly just stalls selling japanese mechandise, we had the usual suspects like TokyoToyz and gundammad, all with marked up prices. The term “rip off britain” came to mind on more than a few occasions. I understand that the sellers have to make a living but, damn!!! £150 for a PG strike rouge? no thanks! There were some surprises like an Ignis the white for sale. I Wonder if anyone there acutally knows how hard to find that figure is these days. Given the price tag (£81) I think at least one of the staff members does…

There were also DVD vendors such as Up1 and the main distributors like ADV, MVM, Beez Manga ent and Funi. I snagged myself the complete nadesico collection for £25 (still have the old VHS tapes), 009-1 for £30 and Stellvia of the universe for £50. I was quite happy with stellvia as I love that show and the sets are hard to come by since Geneon stopped distributing in the US.

There was one stall which had me a little interested tho. It was from a small group called this is anime. As well as selling the usual standard stuff like gundam kits, PVC figures, etc, they also did something unique in that they also sold prepainted resin kits!!

It’s just a bit of a shame that the paint job is not that great.
Maybe I’m just being a little jealous that they have the confidence to sell them while I don’t think mine are good enough but still…

You guys remember my C.C, right?

Well, here’s their offering. Which would you prefer?

Their Yoko was pretty good though. Working with something that large is not easy as the mistakes show up more, even if you have a larger area to work with.

You can’t see clearly from this pic, but belldandy is about to fall asleep… And I’m sure the Masane figure from Witchblade is a PVC offereing.

No gripes about Kanu tho, Maybe the eyes but that would be borderline petty. Dunno about ers-chan tho.

And finally we have Garnet from rumble fish (pretty poor fighting game from sammy, Mokoto Kusanagi from Ghost in the shell: Stand alone complex and maid saber. Saber really got hit with the ugly stick.

Prices ranged from £40 to couple of hundreds. The C.C was £55 iirc. You can check out their
website for some more of their offerings but be warned. The photos on the site are far from flattering, in fact, they’re more likely to scare customers off rather than sell the item!!! Given the quoted prices, I think it’s safe to assume that the kits are also all recasts and not the genuine article. My C.C cost more just to obtain the uncomplete kit!

But that leaves me with the question to ask you dear readers, How much would you be willing to pay for a (decently painted) resin kit? And would you buy one from these guys?