Hurrah!!! Tis time to celebrate a very special Birthday!!! No, not mine. That was last week.

Today, this blog officially turns 1 year old!!! It was on the 29th last year when I started this blog and opened it with a post about my Bubba Haruhi and 52 weeks later, it’s still going after a “1 post per week” policy (well, except for that time I had no internet for a while). To be honest, I never thought it would last as long as this… When I first started the blog, I thought that it would last a few months with regular updates and then maybe a post when I finished a kit before finally dying of lack of exercise, but it’s still here, with regular updates and no worries about future content (for now)!!!

This part is where I get all mushy and thank all of you, the readers, for making this blog as successful as it is. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my hobby and works would get as many hits as it does a week. It’s no or Heisei Democracy but it’s still pretty good for a little upstart blog about a very niche hobby!

So, in order to celebrate this occasion, I thought I would share a few pics which depict all the figures I have in my current residence (so basically everything built which isn’t in my gundam army collection.

Here’s everything in 1 neat pic. I’ll go through them all in more detail but you can probably already see some familiar faces who have graced the blog already, and others who will be doing so in the near future. The main point of interest would be my glass cabinet. I use it almost exclusively for my painted resin kits, so that hold my entire portfolio, as it were.

I’ll go through the shelves first and then give closeups of the resin kits after the jump.

On the top shelf, we have the large mecha items. From the left, there’s masterpiece starscream, Soul of Chogokin Dancougar, DX aquarion (recently announce to be getting a re-release. it transforms into all 3 aquarion modes, but I like solar the best), Masterpiece Optimus Prime and Soul of Chogokin Gunbuster.

Out of those, I would have to say I like Gunbuster the best. It’s much nicer to look at than the (more expensive) studio half-eye version. The transformation is’t quite as good though, there are lots of extra pieces which need to be removed and added for the full effect. But it can do “that pose!!!”

Next up, we have the Figures shelf. This is home to the non resin figures I have purchased over the years.

From the left we have Yotsuba&! Fuka with the revoltech Yotsuba riding piggyback, non scale mahoro Trading figure, Fraulein Rei & Asuka, Xenosagas KOS-MOS, Tessa Testarossa from Full metal panic!, Revoltech Saber and alter/dark saber from fate/stay night, Exelica from the game triggerheart exelica, Mishiro Akatsuki and Char Rhoussman from the shuraki line and a small Shinku from Rozen maiden.

Mahoro and Shinku were from special editions of the japanese mangas. Mahoro was from a special vol 6 of mahoromatic while Shinku came with a Japanese version of Rozen maiden vol 7. I really should do a resin Kit of mahoro as she is one of my fave 2D girls but I haven’t found one I really like. As for Shinku, we’ll see…

As many of you know, I’m not a massive collector of PVC figures so most peoples collections will be much bigger than this but I don’t regret buying any of these, apart from 1. The Tessa figure. It was made by atelier Sai and I bought it because I’m a sucker for poses which are out of character but not beyond the realms of possibility (that’s why I love my KOS-MOS so much) but the workmanship of the Tessa figure is just shoddy. And the face doesn’t look right!! Buying her just reinforced my dislike of PVC figures in general and also strengthened my preferred manufacturer choice to Alter (and now Goodsmile). Loving my Exelica though, which is dominating the entire shelf.

And in the blue corner, we have the mechas!!! Again, from the left we have; revoltech Dangaioh (<3), 1/144 strike noir from gundam seed stargazer, revoltech Ingram AV-98 from patlabor, Armoured core Crest CR-C75U2 Close combat version, 1/100 Astray Red frame from the seed astray mangas, WildFalken & WildWurger from the super robot wars series, MG Strike Freedom from gundam seed destiny, Lancelot from Code Geass and Black Sarena from nadesico, the prince of darkness. I think regular readers will be familiar with most of these as most have graced the blog before. I’m actually starting to run out of space for mecha as they do take up a fair bit of room, more so than most figures.

And further down, we have my collection pf Pinky:st. Bet nobody thought I collected these!!! I tend to focus on the special versions which are based off well known characters. I don’t go the whole hog and collect the standard pinkys.

Close up Pic!! We have Mai Shiranui and Athena Asamiya from the King of Fighters, Chun Li and Sakura from streetfighter (2 and alpha to be precise) Sakura Shinguji from Sakura wars (fantastic game) and Arcruied Brunestud from Tsukihime. The 2 Tenjou Tenge ones will be covered later

Continuing, Next to Arc; we have Agito/Akito from Air gear, Suzumiya Haruhi and Asahina Mikuru from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (man, I love the maid mikuru, even though I’m not a huge fan of the character), and finally 2 versions of Rei and Asuka (If you need to be told where they’re from, be ashamed).

And to round it off, we have Natsume Maya and Isuzu Emi trom Tenjou Tenge, still in their boxes

Still more to go!!

My Keroro figures. If you get one, you really need to get them all. They appear to be based off revoltechs as several joints use the revoltech joints, although it is not mentioned.

And finally, my 2 AngelXX which were designed by the creator of Keroro and my 3 BOME figures. The Natsume sisters from tenten and KOS-MOS. I much prefer my alter KOS-MOS. Bome just seems rather flat.

Now, on with the resin kits!!!

I think everyone is familiar with these 3. Bubba Haruhi is still my fave kit out of all of them, but I would say that Yoko, my most recent kit, is the best painted. For those that are interested, I have loaned Mina over to Orbital Manga, so if you’re around central Londo, you can see for yourself just what she looks like, without any camera trickery (not that I use any).

Yes, I know!! Ignis isn’t a resin kit. Unfortunately, I couldn’t fit her in with the other figures so I had to put her in the cabinet. She will be moved out as I finish more works, but for now, she shares a shelf with my C.C

And finally, we have my very early works. And by very early, I mean my first attempts at painting with an airbrush. Ren was in one of my very early posts but Saber is probably new to most of you. Saber was actually my first mod. The original kit had her in full armour, but I didn’t like that so I removed all the armour parts and sculpted a hand for the right hand and wrist for the left arm. The right hand was initially an armoured gauntlet with no separate fingers so I had to scrape them in. The wrist was needed as the hand would not hold since the wrist section was initially built into the armoured gauntlet which Saber wore.

And that concludes the collection.  The post Turned out longer than I thought, and it’s only going to grow… Again, I thank all of you for visiting the blog and we’ll see if it survives another year!!