A relatively minor update this week due to a variety of issues such as 1) me going through a state of mild melancholy, 2) hayfever is a bitch and makes it hard for me to focus 3) you guessed it, more MGS4!

Having said that, it’s still a milestone for the kit as there isn;t that much left to do now, just weapons and the head. Oh, and the mother of all cleanups!

On a completely different note, these recent changes to wordpress are godawful! Bring back the old style dammit!!! I don’t like the built-in uploader!!

Back to the model, I think I must have some some kind of talent to overestimate what I believe will be hard and completely underestimate other parts of the kit. Cos the skirt is was an absolute disaster!!

I wasn’t expecting it to be this hard but the folds and overall shape of the parts made it really hard to paint the white outlines correctly. Mental note – don’t rely on Masking fluid!!

OK, so disaster may be a little harsh but the current result is very messy and I’ll have to really dig into it when I get to the cleanup phase.

The skirt was probably the hardest part so far, but luckily, the rest should be plain sailing. I just have the weapons, a Katana and uzi and the head to do, which shouldn’t pose too much of a problem.

The only other issue at the moment is what to do with the cast off feature. At the moment, I’ve covered key areas with masking tape to help protect the paintjob underneath but it’s unsightly and causes problems with the fit. I’ll have to think of a better way to stop the paint from the clothing from damaging the main body…

The question is, how long will it take to finish? I’m really lacking the drive to paint these days for some reason so picking up my airbrush almost feels like a chore at times. I also find that I don’t ‘lose myself’ in the painting process anymore either.

Hopefully, this is a temporary thing since I would hate to think that I would stop painting soon. I still have several kits undone!!

Hopefully, I should get it finished sometime in July. but in the meanwhile, I have some new stuff on it’s way (and some already here) who are begging for their own photoshoot! It ain’t over yet!