Bit of a short post this week but I thought it would be a good idea to break up all the Ignis updates, so I thought I would post my summer spending since I had a few figures arrive in the past week.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, I have 2 Rize figures! Due to a bit of a clerical error on my part, I placed 2 orders for Rize on HLJ while they were (most likley) going through some maintenance. so the 2 orders got merged into 1 and I received 1 order confirmation which I never bothered to check. Memo to self, check order quantities from HLJ at all times from now on.

Expect to see one of her on ebay or the like fairly soon.

Meifeng is the re-release and she takes my Shuraki collection up to 4. I purposely missed out on Nida cos, to be frank, I didn’t like her. Much like the Aya Hirano Fanbus, I chose not to jump on the Shunya Yamashita fanbus. He’s good, but not *that* good! That pretty much ends my dabbling in buying PVC figures as there are none on the horizon which has grabbed my fancy. There are rumblings of a shuraki second series of figures, but with most of the main cast now covered, there’s only Monica (a goth loli) and Mizuchi (a miko) left who have an active role, the other characters introduced are mainly background players, unless they introduce new characters and a whole new plot…

The Striker pack MG kit was one I have been meaning to buy for a while, but since it only comes with 1 strike gundam in the box, I bought a second Aile strike gundam so I can pose all 3 packs together with my previously purchased Aile. Why buy another Aile? Simple, it was cheaper!

Those 2 will most likely be OOB (Out Of Box) builds with no paint job because their appearance would jar with my aile strike, which was built before I started painting my gundam kits to remove the plastic look. it it’ll be all minor mods and panel lines only.

And finally, I bit the bullet and bought a figure from the e2046 gathering section. The figure I chose was the first Asuka Langley Soryu on bike, sculpted by Vispo.

Actually, she was on preorder for quite some time. In fact, I had almost forgotten about her before I got the email saying she was in stock. Given how so many figure collectors rave about gathering figures, I was expecting some great things from my first purchase. So what do I think? A very clean, very neat paint job which suffers from a few niggling issues and personal preference conflicts. I’m not going to throw praise after praise on the kit, but at the same time, I can see why a lot of figure collectors fell in love with the gathering series when it was announced (although I think it has now become too bloated, they should cut down on the figures in the service).

But they really pack them carefully!

I’ll do a full review at a later date, though I’m only just noticed that, due to my one post a week, format, I actually have a fair backlog of figures who are waiting for their time to shine. I should really get on with it…

I got Asuka because

  1. the kit is very impressive and I liked it, a lot
  2. I’m too lazy to do it myself for once as the bike alone is ridiculously complex. I’d have no problems doing just Asuka though.
  3. as well as laziness, I also fear this kit to a degree. It’s a know fact among model builders that kits with large “accessories” like a bike are some of the hardest figures to build as they are sculpted separately most of the time so the 2 will not fit perfectly. How badly it fits depends on the figure, I heard some real horror stories regarding mahoro on bike and Misato on scooter (both are now available as PVC figures so the pain is now gone)

Having said that, due to several factors, I don’t think I’ll be getting the accompanying Rei figure for a long while, even though I much prefer Rei to Asuka.

Edit:Looking at the vispo site, it looks like his next project is going to be a version 2 of Rei. Here’s hoping that it’s better than his Asuka R2

And the new anime season is apon us… Busy busy for once, even if the only show I really care about is Sekirei!!